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How My Day Job and My Writing Fit Together By Hélene Fermont

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Helene Fermont

Hélene Fermont

The pandemic affects everyone everywhere. But for me, writing and working as practising psychologist work very well. The only downside is I don’t get the opportunity to see and counsel patients in person, only through digital meetings and phone calls. Writing, on the other hand, is different as I always work on books and contents at home, in my office, and rarely venture outside when writing my characters and storylines, except for short breaks. And when I’m out and about so to speak, I always bring a note book in case I come up with new ideas of characters and themes for stories and novels.

My day job inspires me to write my Character driven stories as they are what drive the story and plot, not the actual premise for each book. While I never base any character and storyline on real people, certainly not patients, my vast experience with people from all kinds of backgrounds and their problems, enable me to come up with new ideas and themes.

People frequently ask how I find the time to write between work commitments and my personal life. Well, my response is always the same: Writing is my passion and working with people and getting to know them on a deep level inspire me to look behind the facade and dig deeper into what makes a person act and behave in a certain way. The human spirit, resilience and ability to persevere in the most awful circumstances never cease to amaze me. Writing character driven psychological thrillers with a noir edge come natural to me being partly Swedish and working as psychologist.

How does my writing fit with my day job? I’ve no exact answer except that what makes me happy must be part of my daily routine. I’ve lost count of all the weekends, family get togethers and holidays I’ve missed out on when writing my books, short stories and much more. And I’ve no idea of the reason loved ones put up with it! All I know, is that they’re my biggest supporters and understand how much it means to me to be an author. After all, I don’t begrudge them their favourite hobbies and interests albeit not as time consuming and isolating as my writing.

If you want something badly, you’ll find the time to engage with it, my mother used to tell me. Literature and writing are part of my DNA and integral to my personal fulfilment and happiness. Of course, at times, I’d prefer to have some time to myself but that’s what writing is to me: My time to express myself through my characters and stories. And when the book’s completed and edited, I always promise myself a well deserved break which rarely happens because new characters appear in my head and I can’t dismiss them! So, new storylines and casts of characters once more compete for my time with the people I love and my day job. I am truly fortunate to have special people in my life.

From a practical perspective, I’m extremely organised and structured. During working hours, I’m completely dedicated to my job, patients, meetings and much more. But when I write, my mind’s on my characters, themes and plots. I don’t check messages and socialise, only take short breaks and spend time with my writing buddy and cat, Teddy. When the writing’s completed that day, evening, early morning and weekend, I focus on the people in my life, cooking and everything else that’s part of our lives. Self discipline, focusing on the here and now whether patients, writing and leisure enable me to do what I love and care about.

Writing is Hard work at the best of times but without it and my day job, I’d be lost. You see, my job provides endless opportunities to grow and develop as a writer, while diagnosing and helping patients get the best out of life for them. You’d be right thinking my day job and writing are essential to bring out the best in me as the author of my genre addressing themes and highlighting issues with my own unique twists, intriguing characters, plots and lots more.

(c) Hélene Fermont

About One Fatal Night:

One woman’s quest for revenge unearths a fatal secret from her past.

Astrid Jensen holds one man responsible for her mother’s suicide, and she’ll do whatever’s necessary to get close to Daniel Holst and destroy his life – even if it means sleeping with him to gain his trust. Astrid knows he’s not who he pretends to be. But before she can reveal his dark secret, people from her mother’s past start turning up dead, and it looks like she and Daniel are next. In order to survive, she might have to put her trust in the man she has hated for so long.

Daniel Holst has worked hard to climb into Norway’s most elite and glamorous circles, and he’s not about to let any woman bring him down. But when a psychopathic killer starts murdering people from his shadowy past, he discovers that the only person who might be able to save him is the woman who wants to destroy him.

As Astrid digs deeper into her past, she uncovers secrets long buried and realizes everything she once believed is based on lies. What began as a quest to avenge her mother’s death becomes a desperate struggle for survival and leads to the truth about what happened one fatal night ten years ago—and the surprising mastermind behind the most recent murders.

If you’re fans of Gillian Flynn, Liane Moriarty, and Debbie Howells, you’ll love this character driven thriller with a noir edge.

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About the author

Hélene Fermont writes character-driven psychological thrillers with a noir edge.
Known for her explosive, pacy narrative and storylines, she has published four novels – Because of You, We Never Said Goodbye, His Guilty Secret and most recently One Fatal Night – and two short story collections – The Love of Her Life and Who’s Sorry Now? She is currently working on her next novel, The Matchmaker.
After 20 years in London, Hélene recently returned to her native Sweden where she finds the unspoiled scenery and tranquillity a therapeutic boost for creativity.
Enjoying a career as a Psychologist, when she’s not working her day job, Hélene spends her time writing, with friends and family, or playing with her beloved cat, Teddy.

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