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How to Write a Bulletproof Email Marketing Campaign

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When it comes to promoting books, email marketers have a lot of challenges to overcome, with the main problem being the short attention span that has been created by smartphones. Surprisingly, mobile devices are most commonly used to view pages and read emails. Gladly, we have done our homework and created this guide to help you write a killer email marketing campaign.

How to Run Effective Email Campaign

A good email campaign is one that records high opens and clicks. Below, we have indicated helpful tips to help you craft a well-performing email campaign.

1. Set Your Goals

You need to set goals so that you have a focused email campaign. You need to focus solely on things that matter to your business – selling your book. Begin by thinking about what your business needs and how you can achieve it. Maybe you are looking to thank, welcome, and inform them about your business, what it does, and how they will benefit from the same.

Email campaigns might also focus on boosting engagement. This can be done by creating content that boosts sales or promotes a webinar. There might be existing subscribers who have been there with you through it all. You need to give them something that they all value. Whichever the bottom line of your email funnels, you must always start with a good plan.

2. Use Proper “From” Name

Once it arrives in your subscribers’ inbox, “from” is the first element of your email campaign they see. For those using desktops and mobile devices, it is displayed in large, heavy fonts so that they know where the email has come from. This is why many clients admit that they decide whether or not to open and read an email, depending on where it came from.

Now you can tell that this is a critical part of your email campaign and is worth optimizing. How about trying to match it with your audience’s expectations? For instance, if your audience is subscribed for email newsletters from your brand, they are expecting to receive emails from your brand, not you. They might not even know you by name.

3. Try Actionable Language

Email subjects are important. You need to use actionable language, but this does not mean packing them with verbs, though it helps in some cases. One of the best ways to use actionable email subject lines is by using words like “buy,” “take,” “reserve,” “download” and the list goes on.

It is also possible to use actionable language without relying greatly on verbs. This technique lets you play around with words to get your audience to open and click the emails they receive from you. Small business marketing should not be hard as long as you understand the game and your target audience.

4. Personalise Whenever Possible

Open rate and clickthrough rates do not come easily. But you can crack the code using highly segmented emails. These once massively outperform ones that are not personalized because they tend to be highly engaging. Those using personalized email campaigns for small business marketing usually accumulate more revenue compared to those that give the idea the cold shoulder.

Personalised emails are easy to deal with because they give you an easy time creating a relevant subject line. It also means you will stay relevant to the audience throughout the campaign. Your newsletters should not be written in a hurry. Make sure to think carefully so that you come up with something highly irresistible.

5. Simple, Dazzling Body Content

You are still trying to create the best user experience by delivering what your audience will have to open and read through. The body of your content is not something you rush through because you have already tweaked other areas. You might just bring down your omnichannel marketing by making that grave mistake.

It is easy to think that you only have an excellent omni channel marketing campaign when you use tons of magic words, but that is not the case. We have agreed that understanding your audience is all you need to come up with something they will fall in love with. If you understand your products and services and the benefits it brings to them, you will be on the right track throughout the writing process.

6. Work on Relevancy

Maybe you are serving a wide range of audiences, and coming up with personalised content is a considerable challenge. Do not feel cold since there is still a way through. Many ways can be used to attain proper customer experience, and relevancy is one of them. In this case, you are trying to convince your readers that what you have for them makes sense and that it is what they need at that particular moment.

Your readers ask critical questions when they receive emails from you. Why am I receiving this particular email? Why do I need to open it? Do I even have to click through? Why do I need your advice?

Now put yourself in their shoes and come up with answers to possible questions that they might have. Make this a habit when creating your email funnels, and you will always score.

7. Use Technology, but Wisely

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned email marketer, you need to get the best email services such as Mailchimp. They will help you with things such as analytics and understanding your audience to a deeper extent. If you are using Mailchimp services, you will enjoy things such as:

• Easy creation of campaign and automation including workflows and templates
• Integration with your choice of software, especially the one you are already using such as OptinMonster and WordPress
• How to segment your audience
• Thorough analytics on email campaign performance

You will also get services regarding scheduling emails and blog-driven templates and respond quickly to clients. These services are focused on ensuring that you stand out or from the competition in your omnichannel marketing campaign.

8. Pay Attention to Email Marketing Design

If you are looking to create an outstanding email marketing campaign, you need to pay close attention to the design. If you have emails that have bad looks and reflect you wrongly, people will stop reading them, and they will even unsubscribe from your newsletters. Within a short period, your business will fail, and you will start wondering where you went wrong. But all this can be avoided.

The responsive email template will give you an edge over your competitors. It will make your email resize automatically depending on the device on which the readers are viewing it.

To have a good design, you want to give your readers emails with more text than images. Using more images is not suitable for accessibility. Try to use all tags for images so that readers that disabled them know what they are supposed to see.


Creating emails should not be hard, especially with the tips we have shared above. If you feel stuck with certain tips, you can always talk to experts for assistance. You can also look for pages with newsletter examples. You also need to test your emails before letting the out to the readers. This will help you find out how they will perform over time by enhancing customer experience. Since the market keeps changing, you need to understand your audiences’ needs from time to time.

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