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On Friday 17th April, much of IndieReCon will be live from London, with the first London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Festival, in association with The London Book Fair (LBF)’s Book and Screen Week.

IndieReCon is a free online conference for authors interested in self-publishing. It started in 2013 with co-founders Ali Cross and SR Johannes keen to create a conference that challenged the stigma of self publishing.

Fast forward to 2015, with the success and reputation of author-publishing on the rise, IndieReCon has joined with the Alliance of Independent Authors to take the conference to the next level.

IndieReCon is still an online conference offering the best advice and education for independent-minded authors across the world — but now offering expanded programming and global reach, though ALLi’s networks. And exciting live events, from Utah to London. Including this year, hooking up with The London Book Fair, to provide an exciting day of live-streamed events, live from London.

Our goal has always been to “make indie publishing a mission possible” for any writer, across the world. That’s continues. And we are still (and always will be) run by authors and for authors, so it’s all free!

Alongside a live day of author education, panels, networking and discussion of how to reach readers, we’ll also offer one-to-one self-publishing advice and the Indie Author Fair @ Foyle’s, a showcase of ALLi members’ books, to which readers are invited.

Foyle’s of Charing Cross Road is the epicentre of indie book culture in London and the Fringe Fest offers many exciting ways for self-publishing authors to connect with each other, with other publishing professionals and, most importantly, with readers.

In line with ALLi’s mission to be a global organisation for indie-minded authors everywhere, the event will be live-streamed, so authors and readers who can’t be in London can take part online.

Agenda 2015

IndieReCon 2015 aims to offer education and tailored advice for any author with an interest in self-publishing, whether they are at the beginning of their journey, or a professional author-publisher. Our programming is interactive, engaging and where possible, free to access online or offline. Our event topics will be based around three main strands, covering all stages of the publishing process:

Author Education: How to Write and Publish Well

Author Empowerment: Finding Your Best Pathways to Publication

Reaching Readers: Understanding and Serving Your Audience

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For more information on the Alliance of Independent Authors, click here.

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