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Love Yourself, be Courageous and Write from the Heart by Fiona Brennan

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Fiona Brennan

Fiona Brennan

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To love is to understand and if you wish to understand your readers you must, first of all, understand yourself. To create unshakeable confidence in your writing ability it is time to embrace your inner-critic with love and not judgment. To communicate authentically with our readers we must write from the heart. We must dare to speak our truth without fear and a desire to be of service to those who read our words.

If you have ever felt anxious before you publish a new book or article, wondering how it will be perceived, you are not alone. Self-doubt often goes hand in hand with an artistic temperament.  A well-intentioned loved one may have said, ‘Just write your truth.’ or ‘Believe in yourself’. But what if you genuinely do not know what your truth is or who you are?

What if you feel conflicted?  One moment confident that your work is the next best-seller and then the next convinced it is atrocious, embarrassing even?  What if the ‘you’ when you wake up in the morning seems like a different person from the one who goes to bed at night? Or different from the one who is at work or at home with your family or out with friends? What if you are confused by these disparate, often divided parts of yourself? How do you respond when the ‘wrong’ self turns up at the most inopportune of moments, for example, the anxious part surfacing on the evening of your book launch – virtual or otherwise?

The quintessential questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is the self?’ have been debated by philosophers for centuries, from Socrates (Ancient Greece, 399 BC) to Philo of Alexandria (Judaism, AD 50) to St Augustine (Christian, AD 430) to Voltaire and Hume in the European Age of Enlightenment (eighteenth century). While this desire to explain our consciousness remains very much alive in philosophy and, indeed, psychology, the birth of modern neuro-science means that the brain can now be scanned for evidence of where human consciousness resides. Despite this, neuroscientists still have not been able to find it … yet our greatest power is invisible. In his essay ‘The Mystery of Consciousness’, Sam Harris, the eminent American neuroscientist, states, ‘The problem, however, is that no evidence for consciousness exists in the physical world.’ The evidence is the experience. In lieu of science, the skeptics among us can perhaps learn something from spiritual leaders like Eckhart Tolle:

“There is one self that is the illusion, which is the identification with the mind and the ego, which is the unobserved mind that says ‘what about me?’ … but I refer to who you are beyond the form, beyond the thoughts and emotions. You as the consciousness is the self. The self has no form … you can never say ‘there it is’, because who is saying this? You are the consciousness! You are it.”

Can you imagine this state of oneness? In Hindu philosophy, Ātman is the Sanskrit for ‘universal self’. ‘The Beholder’, is the one who witnesses your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors but is not defined by any of them. The Beholder is always with you – even now, it is the part of you that reads these words while your mind analyses the concepts we explore.

As a writer it is essential that you live without an inflated ego, the voice you share with your readers needs to come from a heart already full and not looking for external validation. It is, of course, an achievement to hit the best-selling list and it is important to soak in the success and at the same time not to be defined by it.  This is a highly talented balancing act but one worth practicing. Contentment and self-belief are the springboards for progress and not the other way around.

‘Véritable soi’ is a French phrase that originally comes from Latin and means ‘true and genuine self’. The French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, ‘All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone’. And yet, as writers, that is what we do. We spend countless hours alone.  The room may be quiet, but how quiet is your mind?  In order to access the deepest parts of your creativity, you need first of all to cultivate a stillness within.  Peace must prevail.  Take the time to get to know yourself, offer relentless support to yourself, and an unconditional acceptance of all the parts of yourself.  You deserve your love and so do your readers.

(c) Fiona Brennan

About The Self-Love Habit:

Many of us find it easy to love others but do not know how to love ourselves. Do you struggle with the seemingly ‘difficult’ parts of yourself that lurk in the shadows, often hidden from the world – frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, anger? The Self-Love Habit is about learning to bring these parts of yourself out from the darkness and into the light. By loving and paying attention to the rejected aspects of ourselves, we give ourselves the power to transform in ways we never thought possible.

Fiona Brennan’s four powerful self-love habits – LISTEN, OPEN, VALUE, ENERGISE – will teach you how to do this. When you truly love yourself, your whole world opens to serenity and your self-imposed limitations fall away.

The accompanying hypnotherapy audios will rewire your brain as you sleep and help you to start the day full of loving energy by changing the negative, unconscious habit of living through fear into the positive, conscious habit of living through love.

Get ready to transform internal battles into inner peace and external relationships into a source of endless joy as you discover why self-love is the most selfless love of all.

Order your copy online here.


About the author

Fiona Brennan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a busy practice in Blackrock, Co Dublin. She is the mental health expert on Dermot and Dave’s morning show on Today FM, a regular contributor to A Lust for Life and author of the bestseller, The Positive Habit.

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