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Memeoirs: Recording Your Online Words – In A Real Book

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June Carmody

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

Writing a book can be achieved in a number of different ways. At times, an idea comes out of nowhere after a wonderful trip, time with a friend or a bout of writer’s block. Quite often, storylines are discovered in the back of an over-thinking mind waiting to be made a reality.

Whatever the case, each story becomes a special addition to the world of reading. They cover a wide variety of topics and share stories that would blow even the most difficult to impress away. They are composed by wordsmiths, word-lovers and storytellers.

What about the everyday content, the natural conversations and the chats that deserve to be cherished?

Memeoirs’ web application allows users to make a book of online conversations. Chats long forgotten can be printed, bound and presented in a bookshop quality format. The whole process takes a matter of minutes and works with three different mediums– WhatsApp (conversations and images), Facebook messages, or emails. And shipping is free worldwide…

Memeoirs was established after three close friends spent a period of study abroad together. The now, three founders of the company decided to build an app that would allow them to print their special email conversations into physical books. From there, the concept grew, leading them to Chile and Italy where funding became available and their ideas could be expanded. Their dreams became a reality.

Over the past 3 years, 1000’s of books have been made on the Memeoirs’ platform. The authors have come from all over the world, bought their Memeoirs for a multitude of reasons and each of them with their own material and focus.

Some of the most popular use cases range from offering a Memeoirs as a gift to family members, presenting one to work colleagues or posting them out to special travel companions.

Whether you are a Charles Dickens of WhatsApp messages or a JK Rowling of emails, there is an option for you. Your content has already been created, is waiting and can be made into the book of your dreams.

While deciding for what and why you want to make a Memeoirs, consider the following examples from customers of Memeoirs’ past.

‘The close friend I never get to see’ one.

The best friendships can go the distance. It is the chats, fun and sad times spoken about in WhatsApp groups, Facebook threads and emails that are looked back on with a smile and a tear. The friendship Memeoirs has become kind of a big deal.

The ‘I’m getting married to the love of my life’ one.

Making special conversations into a book for both of you and your partner to cherish for years to come will make you smile; this type of book has been created by brides to be, long distance lovers and anniversary celebrators.

The ‘I’ve travelled around the world with an iPhone in my pocket’ one.

Whether trekking across Asia or inter-railing through the backs of beyond in Eastern Europe, out-dated postcards are to be seen no more. Chats are had, photos are posted and experiences are shared using technology. Making these into a physical memory can be (and often, is) achieved with Memeoirs.

The ‘Graduation’ One

After years of time together at second or third level, the amount of messages that have been exchanged is endless. Memeoirs’ customers decide to print these in a book as a sort of ‘yearbook’. Images and conversations from WhatsApp groups in particular are recorded so they can be laughed about for years to come.

To date, Memeoirs has sold to 40 different countries. The size of books vary with the biggest being 450 pages in total. A Memeoirs can be made wonderfully special with cool cover photos, a fun title and a preface. 2015 will see new developments on the Memeoirs’ platform – watch this space.

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(c) June Carmody

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