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My Journey to ePublishing by Mary Malone

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Mary Malone

My initial introduction to publishing e Books was through the Inkwell Newsletter. Following the latest publishing trend with interest, I decided that if I didn’t keep up and publish some of my novels in digital form, there was a danger I’d be left behind. And being an independent spirit who didn’t want to spend hard earned royalties on this new venture, I decided I’d attempt the whole process myself.

My first step was to ensure I owned the digital rights to my novels, Love Matchand All You Need Is Love. A quick read through of my contract assured me I was set to go. My next step was the trickiest – reformatting my original manuscript to suit the digital requirements.

My publisher was kind enough to send me the final version of my manuscripts, ensuring the digital edition would match the paper edition. I downloaded a programme from the Internet to convert the PDF files to Word. Once this was done, I went on to the http://www.smashwords.com site and followed their formatting instructions carefully. This involved a lot of patience and persistence. It took approximately five hours to complete – the longest part being to remove indentations and paragraph returns etc. The instructions were very concise and I adhered rigidly which saved me time at a later stage.

Once the file was ready, I created an account on http://www.smashwords.com and uploaded a jacket image, some biographical detail and the formatted word file. This was the easy part. After that, Smashwords checked it through and accepted it for premium distribution, ensuring my titles were available in all digital formats.

Within hours of advertising these titles on Twitter and Facebook, I was receiving emails confirming my titles had been purchased. My advice to anybody thinking of publishing an eBook is don’t wait around, just do it!!

To take a peek at my work, please see:


and http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/10895

If you’d like to contact me, please do so at http://www.marymalone.ie

About the author

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Mary Malone is the best selling author of Love is the Reason (Poolbeg). She lives in Cork with her husband, Pat, and sons, David and Mark. Love Is The Reason is her 4th novel . As well as being an author and freelance journalist, Mary works full time in the Central Statistics Office in Cork.

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