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Crime Hub have loaded some great podcasts by practising barrister and author, Thomas Grant QC.

An invaluable resource for Crime Writers, you can listen to a fascinating series of free true crime podcasts on thecrimehub.com or through google play, apple podcasts and spotify.

Infamous Murder Trials from Court One at the Old Bailey…

Over the past century, Court Number One at the Old Bailey in London has played host to numerous cause celebres and gruesome murders, occasionally defining society’s changing values and the evolution of the criminal law.

In this series of podcasts, true crime author, Thomas Grant QC  talks about some of the cases in his book Court Number one, The Old Bailey Trials that Defined Modern Britain with criminal barrister and writer, Olly Jarvis.

Episode 1 – The Camden Town Murder of 1907

Represented by the ‘Great Defender’, Edward Marshall Hall, Robert Wood was tried for the murder of Emily Dimmock, whose naked, near-decapitated body was discovered in her bed. Over the decades, the trial has inspired great works of art and fiction. True crime author, Thomas Grant QC talks to Olly Jarvis about the case and his own views on Wood’s guilt or innocence.

Episode 2 – Ruth Ellis

In 1955, Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in England following her conviction for the murder of her lover. True crime author, Thomas Grant QC talks to Olly Jarvis about the case, extraordinary events during the trial, whether she was truly guilty of murder and the facts the jury were never told.

Episode 3The Soham Murders:  R v Huntley and Carr 2003

Many people will remember the murders of Holly Chapman and Jessica Wells in Cambridge for the heart breaking photograph of the two eleven year old friends in Manchester United football shirts.

Involving over 700 police officers, the investigation was one of the biggest manhunts in history.

The case had such an impact that it changed the law forever.

True crime author, Thomas Grant QC talks to Olly Jarvis about the police investigation, subsequent trial of Huntley for murder, Maxine Carr on a lesser charge, and the ways in which the case resulted in legal reforms.

Thomas Grant QC is a practising barrister and author. He lives in Sussex and London.

In his book Court Number One, The Old Bailey Trials That Defined Modern Britain, bestselling true crime author and barrister, Gran explores some of the most important cases over the decades that were tried in this iconic courtroom.

Click here to see The Crime Hub’s review of his book.

His first book, Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories was a Sunday Times bestseller.

About Court Number One, The Old Bailey Trials That Defined Modern Britain:

Court Number One of the Old Bailey is the most famous court room in the world, and the venue of some of the most sensational human dramas ever to be played out in a criminal trial.

The principal criminal court of England, historically reserved for the more serious and high-profile trials, Court Number One opened its doors in 1907 after the building of the ‘new’ Old Bailey. In the decades that followed it witnessed the trials of the most famous and infamous defendants of the twentieth century. It was here that the likes of Madame Fahmy, Lord Haw Haw, John Christie, Ruth Ellis, George Blake (and his unlikely jailbreakers, Michael Randle and Pat Pottle), Jeremy Thorpe and Ian Huntley were defined in history, alongside a wide assortment of other traitors, lovers, politicians, psychopaths, spies, con men and – of course – the innocent.

Not only notorious for its murder trials, Court Number One recorded the changing face of modern British society, bearing witness to alternate attitudes to homosexuality, the death penalty, freedom of expression, insanity and the psychology of violence. Telling the stories of twelve of the most scandalous and celebrated cases across a radically shifting century, this book traces the evolving attitudes of Britain, the decline of a society built on deference and discretion, the tensions brought by a more permissive society and the rise of trial by mass media.

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories, Court Number One is a mesmerising window onto the thrills, fears and foibles of the modern age.

‘Superbly told’ Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph

‘A hamper of treats’ Sunday Telegraph

‘[Grant employs] scholarship and depth of evidence’ London Review of Books

‘These tales of eleven trials are shocking, squalid, titillating and illuminating: each of them says something fascinating about how our society once was’ The Times

‘Deceptively thrilling’ Sunday Times

‘Excellent . . . Thomas Grant offers detailed accounts of eleven cases at the Old Bailey’s Court Number One, with protagonists ranging from the diabolical to the pathetic. There is humour . . . but this is ultimately an affecting study of how the law gets it right – and wrong’ Guardian

Order your copy online here.

About the author

Thomas Grant QC is a practising barrister and author. He lives in Sussex and London.

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