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Here we aim to give you solid tips and advice to improve your writing from a wide range of Irish authors. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, scripts or poetry we hope that you will find articles here to guide and inspire you. If you have queries on a topic we haven't covered here, drop us an email or post your question on our members blog where you will find help and support from other writers.

Poetry in Motion

If there’s one thing that can be said about poetry, it is amorphous. Poetry can

Young Writers

Are you a young writer? All the authors we talk to here at writing.ie started

Ready to Submit?

So you’ve spent a year or more working on your manuscript and you want to

Getting Published

Writers need readers, and although not every writer wants to be published, seeing your work

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the legal term that describes the rights given to authors/creators of certain categories

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