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Bob Byrne – Comic Book Hero
Posted by Sarah Downey in , .

Writing.ie got a glimpse into the weird, wonderful and sometimes manic world of comic book genius, Bob Byrne. Bob Byrne is a well-known comic book writer, artist and self-publisher. Born ...continue reading >>

Understanding Characters: Tracy Culleton
Posted by Tracy Culleton in , .

We get to know a character throughout the course of a story, through: What he/she says What he/she thinks What he/she does What others say about him/her To a lesser ...continue reading >>

The 9 Day Writer’s Week
Posted by Mary Malone in , .

WRITING and WORKING – are there enough hours in a day …? Of course not! I’m a writer with a full time job, a family and a house to run ...continue reading >>

Blogging about Poetry and Literature,· a discussion on licensing original work
Posted by Christine Murray in , .

It is a propitious time to begin discussing the protection of original works, given the expansion of specialised internet usage, be it through sites such as Wrting.ie, or the huge ...continue reading >>

The Unreliable Narrator & The Art of Misdirection
Posted by Tracy Culleton in , .

The narrator in any story doesn’t have to tell the truth! There are a few different scenarios: The narrator is deliberately lying. The narrator genuinely believes s/he’s telling the truth, ...continue reading >>

The Seven Stages of Creativity Week 4: Composition (Drafting)
Posted by Orna Ross in , .

A great piece of writing is a perfectly intermeshed concoction of illusions. The primary illusion is one of ease. When we read a beautifully constructed book with pleasure and admiration, ...continue reading >>

Getting Non Fiction Published with Patricia O’Reilly
Posted by Patricia O'Reilly in , .

Interested in writing non-fiction and getting it published? Author of Writing for Success Patricia O’Reilly tells us exactly how to approach your subject and what you need to submit to ...continue reading >>

Self Help for Success

Are you stuck trying to write a novel? Are you finding it difficult to get started? Can’t find an agent? Can’t get published? Maybe you should expand your horizons and ...continue reading >>

Why Take a Writing Class?
Posted by Claire Hennessy in , .

Why take a writing class? What do people get out of them? Can writing really be taught, anyway? (The writer Flannery O’Connor famously noted, when asked whether she felt the ...continue reading >>

Rory’s Story Cubes – Where Great Ideas Start
Posted by Julie Murphy in , .

The general consensus is that creativity is a gift bestowed on an elite few and that some of us were simply not designed to produce literary masterpieces or breath-taking works ...continue reading >>