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Using a Pen Name: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
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Some of the most renowned authors in history worked under pen names. George Elliott, Dr. Seuss, Mark Twain, even J.K. Rowling. All saw a need to use a different name ...continue reading >>

Formal Publishing v Self-Publishing by Moire O’Sullivan
Posted by Moire O'Sullivan in , .

There is something prestigious about having your book formally published. Signing a publishing contract can feel profoundly satisfying. To some, the self-publishing alternative can seem like abject failure, an option ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Light and Dark Magazine
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Submissions deadline: Ongoing May 1 – June 15: Issue 4 will be released on July 15, 2018 July 1 – August 15: Issue 5 will be released on September 15, ...continue reading >>

Building Your Writing Life with Indulgeinwriting by Sharon Thompson
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#Indulgeinwriting is literally online at your finger-tips day and night. If you are new to writing it can be daunting. Where do you start? Start with us and we will ...continue reading >>

Making Sense of Tense: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
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One of the most popular articles from our archives: Not many first-time authors pay much consideration to deciding what tense to write in. Exactly which tense an author feels most ...continue reading >>

Why All Authors Should Consider Doing a Blog Tour by Nick Jones
Posted by Nick Jones in .

When I published my debut children’s picture book Sarah’s Shadow in December last year, it didn’t occur to me to do a blog tour. I assumed it would be out ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Storgy Kids Magazine
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Submissions Deadline: Open Storgy Kids is an online magazine for children and young people. It was started by a bunch of kids who unfortunately had to turn into grown-ups. We ...continue reading >>

Criminal Minds: Creating a Foolproof Plot by Sam Blake
Posted by Sam Blake in , .

This past week I’ve been doing all sorts of events – from How to Get Away with Murder in Cork with Catherine Ryan Howard to hosting the Insider’s Guide to ...continue reading >>

Copyright and Trademarks: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
Posted by Paul Anthony Shortt in , .

If you haven’t heard of #CockyGate, I’d suggest reading up on it. It’s a matter of no small concern, not only for what it could mean to the industry to ...continue reading >>

Keep The Faith: Creativity Books For When You’re In A Slump by Claire Hennessy
Posted by Claire Hennessy in .

I’ve been reading a lot of Julia Cameron lately. Jesus, I hate Julia Cameron. And I love her. Cameron is the woman behind The Artist’s Way, the multi-million-selling book about ...continue reading >>