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Submissions Call: The Matador Review
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Submissions deadline: 31st August The Matador Review is an online literature and art quarterly based in Chicago, Illinois. We publish poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction, inviting all unpublished ...continue reading >>

Finding Your Own Way: Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy
Posted by Maile Meloy in , .

I always start with a very small kernel of a story.  For Do Not Become Alarmed, it was the idea of children in danger who don’t know how much danger ...continue reading >>

Tips For Writing Short Stories: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
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I’m not naturally inclined to writing short stories. Despite leaning towards shorter word counts on my novels, I naturally go for story ideas that lend themselves to an ongoing series. ...continue reading >>

Revision: Getting Past the Pain Barrier by Rachel Crowther
Posted by Rachel Crowther in , .

I still remember the first story I wrote. It was on a single piece of paper, with widely spaced lines to allow for the somewhat wayward script of five-year-old authors, ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call for The Runt
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Submissions deadline: Monday 28th August 2017 The Runt is seeking prose, poetry and artwork based around the theme of… The Apocalypse. Neurotic, self-hating species that we are, humanity has spilled ...continue reading >>

When More is Too Much: Family Business by Muriel Bolger

It is said that you can tell whether a book is going to be any good after the first eight or nine pages. And I have to agree you usually ...continue reading >>

Writing Relationships: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt
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Relationships are the key to drama. Characters can’t exist in a vacuum, and even if the antagonist, or threat, of your story is not an identifiable person, it is the ...continue reading >>

Vision: How Do You Make a Novel by Rachel Crowther
Posted by Rachel Crowther in , .

It’s a long road from the excitement and glittering possibility of a new idea to the finished draft of a novel. That’s a pretty obvious statement, and to anyone who ...continue reading >>

‘Improving’ Oscar Wilde: To Hell in a Handbag by Jonathan White
Posted by Jonathan White in .

It started – as many momentous things do – with a throwaway remark. Helen Norton and myself – friends for 20 years – frequently bemoaned the shortsightedness of theatre companies ...continue reading >>

Ten Top Tips for Filling that Blank Page by Melissa van Maasdyk
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When I signed up for a summer creative writing course, I had already worked as a writer and sub-editor on magazines for several years, and didn’t think it would be ...continue reading >>