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Screenwriting: Three Golden Rules for Writing Scenes by Lindsay J Sedgwick
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You have your idea for the scene, you know what you want to write; these rules are simply to steer you towards scenes that are written for the screen, small ...continue reading >>

Really Useful Links: Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism by Amanda J Evans
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For my first, “Really Useful Links” column, I thought it might be useful to focus on some links for Irish authors that deal with copyright and plagiarism. This is a ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: #Merky Books
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Submissions deadline: 12th April 2019 #Merky Books is the home for a new generation of readers, and a new generation of writers. #Merky Books is a new imprint within Penguin ...continue reading >>

Protagonists: why two is more and less is a bore by Camilla Grebe
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When it comes to creating drama in a novel, choosing to use more than one protagonist may be better. The reason? It takes two, or more, to tango. A few ...continue reading >>

The Creative Process: It’s All About the Backside by Deborah Barlow
Posted by Deborah Barlow in .

Hands down, one of the best parts of being Anam Cara’s director is getting to know the writers- and artists-in-residence and their work. They have taught me and each other much ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: The Threepenny Review
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The Threepenny Review is one of the most highly esteemed literary magazines in the world. We consider submissions in two ways: through the mail and via our online submissions system. ...continue reading >>

Screenwriting: Writing Powerful Scenes by Lindsay J Sedgwick
Posted by Lindsay J Sedgwick in .

“I love writing, but hate starting. The page is awfully white and it says, ‘You may have fooled some of the people some of the time but those days are ...continue reading >>

Last Call for Submissions to Date with an Agent
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Submissions deadline: 31st March 2019 There are just a few days left to apply for this wonderful opportunity. Calling All Aspiring Authors! Have you written a bestseller or a Hollywood ...continue reading >>

Research: when to do it and when not to do it by Brandon Rolfe
Posted by Brandon Rolfe in , .

It helps immensely if the subject of one’s writing is of strong personal interest and not just that of commercial potential.  I have a penchant for the military scenario, hence ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Pet Stories at BarkyTech
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Submissions deadline: open Are you a pet owner as well as a writer? Barkytech.com is a brand new website and digital magazine that is launching this spring focused on pettech. ...continue reading >>