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How to Get an Agent & How to Get Published by Angela Clarke
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Angela Clarke is The Sunday Times bestselling author of the Social Media Murder Series, including Follow Me, Watch Me, and Trust Me. Angela has produced an extensive collection of Writing Tips video tutorials on many ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Epoque Press
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époque press is an independent publisher based in Brighton and Cheltenham established to promote new literary talent. ​Through a combination of our main publishing imprint and our online ezine we ...continue reading >>

The John Boyne Scholarship for UEA’s Creative Writing Course
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Submission deadline: 20th November 2019 Applications are now open for the The John Boyne Scholarship at the University of East Anglia’s prestigious MA/MFA Creative Writing Course. The John Boyne Scholarship ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Salamander Magazine
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Submissions deadline: 1st April 2019 Salamander, which is published biannually, features poetry, fiction, and memoirs. It was founded by Jennifer Barber in 1992 with the aim of publishing a generation ...continue reading >>

Writing as a Team by A.J. MacKenzie
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As a husband-and-wife writing team, the most frequently asked question we get is, ‘How do you work together?’ That’s a tough question to answer, partly because the process seems different ...continue reading >>

Why Hire an Editor? by Robert Doran
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‘Here we go,’ I hear you say, ‘an editor telling us why we can’t do without editors.’ I would say that, wouldn’t I? Well, yes, I would. But I’m not ...continue reading >>

Submissions Call: Dodging the Rain
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Submissions Deadline: 18th of each month Dodging The Rain is an art and literary journal committed to representing a variety of new work by emerging writers and artists. It provides ...continue reading >>

Stuck in the Middle of your Book by Tina Callaghan
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When I wrote my first novel, Dark Wood Dark Water, I didn’t know how to write a novel, despite lots of time thinking about it. I am not a planner. ...continue reading >>

Keep It Cozy! What is Cozy Crime? by Peter Bartram
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What, exactly, is “cozy” about being stabbed in the neck with a carving knife? Or being bludgeoned in the kitchen with a sturdy rolling pin? Or having your bedtime cocoa ...continue reading >>

Editing Tricks to Get You Published by Claire Hennessy

Editing. It sounds boring. Fiddly. Dotting i’s. Crossing t’s. Or it sounds like something that is done to you and your work. Someone asks Laura Jane Cassidy about her first ...continue reading >>