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Proving the Paranormal: States of Denial

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Carl Nally & Dermot Bulter

States Of Denial: The Tuskar Rock Incident And Other Mysteries has recently been published by Mercier Press. The authors, Carl Nally and Dermot Butler reveal how much research must go into a book of this type:

“We have been involved in the research and investigation of the paranormal for over two decades. From an early age, we both read extensively on various aspects of the subject, watched countless hours of television documentaries, etc. By the mid 1990s we both found ourselves as committee members of a Dublin-based research group, which gave us access to a wealth of information by witnesses coming forward to tell of bizarre encounters they’d had with various unexplained phenomena. Ghosts, poltergeists and religious apparitions were reported to us on a regular basis, while we also became aware of encounters between pilots and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

In writing our first book, Conspiracy Of Silence: UFOs In Ireland (Mercier Press 2006), we pieced together many of these accounts. Of particular interest, given the scorn displayed by the press and officialdom towards the subject, was the fact that professional pilots, into whose hands millions placed their lives every year, were reporting strange things in the sky – and their superiors believed them. They were believed, because otherwise, surely, they would have been taken off flying duties! Of course, the ‘elephant in the room’ for officialdom is the radar corroboration of such incidents. With such supporting evidence, the reality of UFOs – whatever they are – simply cannot be denied – or ignored.

This fact prompted us to look further into reported strange activities taking place in our skies, and the result is our second book, also published by Mercier in 2013, States Of Denial: The Tuskar Rock Incident And Other Mysteries.

Due to our accumulated extensive knowledge of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – which include bizarre displacements of time and space, UFOs, magnetic anomalies and so on – we were led into investigating Ireland’s worst ever air disaster. This incident occurred in 1968, off the country’s south-eastern coast. Our research and investigation of this case unearthed alarming discrepancies between the Irish government’s version of events, and witness testimony.

One of the first tasks in researching the case was to obtain copies of the government reports into the incident. When we researched this data, it comprised three official probes, including one published by an international team of aviation experts. The 7 lbs of paperwork yielded some startling revelations which pointed towards high strangeness.

With our extensive files on the paranormal, which we had accumulated over many years, we were able to locate a considerable number of other instances which mirrored the bizarre sequence of events in the Tuskar Rock case.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of research contacts around the world. Information obtained from these contacts allowed us to complete a comprehensive picture of the cases discussed in the book.

We verify our information through official sources, where possible. Through an intensive interview process, which we personally conduct, we can obtain the data firsthand. This eliminates any contamination through ‘Chinese whispers’ or embellishment by third parties. The credentials of witnesses in sensitive positions – air traffic control staff, police officers and pilots, for example – are checked and verified.

Because of our ongoing investigations into the paranormal, several hours a week are set aside for interviewing witnesses and sources, plus continued research into UAP events as they unfold, or as witnesses come our way. One of these was a former US Air Force officer, who told in States Of Denial how unidentified aerial craft inexplicably shut down nuclear missiles in the 1960s. (These and similar cases are also discussed in the book’s pages).

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to produce a book in which the facts and figures are beyond reproach, as other researchers may use the data as a reference source for their own work. We feel that the material we produce, which we have garnered from myriad sources, will allow the reading public to inform itself in regard to an array of paranormal events which their political masters continue to conceal in a state of denial.

About States of Denial

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, which fly in the face of the laws of physics, intrude upon all aspects of aviation around the globe. These conundrums seem like tangible proof that the universe is a much stranger place than humanity, with its ‘consensus reality’, is willing to accept. Among the cases discussed by the authors, one particular event was instrumental in directing their research into aerial phenomena: the mysterious demise of an Aer Lingus airliner close to Tuskar Rock. This case suggested to them that paranormal events were at work in the fatal incident. Other cases explored indicate that the unexplained is more prevalent than anyone has dared to imagine.

From bizarre time and spatial displacements, to unknown aerial craft firing beams and interfering with nuclear missiles, this book’s contents will ensure that no one will ever look at the sky in quite the same way again.

A Bord Gáis Energy Book Club recommended read, States of Denial is available in all good bookshops and online here.

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