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Elizabeth Rose Murray

While we have Paul FitzSimons tied up interviewing BAFTA winners, we asked Elizabeth Murray to step in and share with us her favourite blogs for writers. The blogging world is a big one and finding your way around it can be time consuming, so to give you all more writing time, Elizabeth’s done the hard work for you, she says:

I read as many books as I can, but I think online resources have a lot to offer also. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend all my time on the web avoiding writing – I write every day & work on various projects to keep the momentum going – but when I’m not writing or editing, I’m usually reading or learning more about the craft.

So this is a list of my some of favourite blogs for writers. I say this because each provides me with something useful as a writer. They’re blogs I return to time and again.

One of my favourite writers, one of my favourite blogs – Neil Gaiman’s Journal by Neil Gaiman (author of American Gods, Anansi Boys, MirrorMask, Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Graveyard Book,  & Sandman comics, to name but a few) is, as you’d expect, just brilliant.

If you’re writing for children or Young AdultsInky Girl by Debbie Ridpath Ohi is a wealth of information about the craft and business of writing and illustrating.

One of my favourite short story blogs, Tania Writes from Tania Hershman is informative, interesting, witty and well written.  Also from Tania, check out Short Stops, the best short story info blog out there.

Novelist and screenwriter Chuck Wendig offers plenty of advice, information, and attitude over on Terrible Minds – I love the tone of this blog – warning, strong language!

Not strictly a blog but full of writing, publishing & promotion advice & tips, as well as weekly giveaways and extensive listings of competitions & workshops, is Ireland’s number one spot for all things writing – but you don’t to be Irish/in Ireland to benefit.

For continuous up-to-date info on poetry, poetry competitions and workshops, head over to Kate Dempsey’s Emerging Writer blog – you won’t find better when it comes to sourcing opportunities.

You may think you’ve had enough of social media but Pinterest‘s visual approach is refreshing and useful for building up story boards. You can also have private boards – perfect for storing visual aids for your latest book/story/poem. Following other people’s boards is like following a really good pictorial blog.

Business & marketing is all part of writing/publishing – and you’ll learn a lot from Joanna Penn over on  The Creative Penn.

Clockwatching from Sinead O’Hart is a great blog by an emerging writer – about, you guessed it, the journey towards publication. If you’re starting out, or not quite there yet, or almost there, make sure you check it out. You’ll find mutual understanding & support & a damn good read.

Of course, there are plenty more great blogs for writers out there, but these select few stand out. They’re the ones I return to despite my busy schedule, – yep, that endless writer’s fight to balance writing, work and home. In my opinion, they’re all worth reading and sharing.

(c) Elizabeth Murray

About the author

Elizabeth Rose Murray lives in West Cork where she writes full time and lives the rural dream. Represented by Sallyanne Sweeney of Watson Little Ltd, London, she has a particular interest in writing for children and Young Adults.

Heavily involved in the literary scene since moving to Ireland in 2008, Elizabeth was part of a live writing installation, Ciudades Parallelas: Station, in 2012 as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival. She has also worked as professional blogger for most of the major festivals including Listowel Writers Week, Dublin Writers Festival, Ulster Bank Theatre Festival, Cork Spring Literary Festival and Dublin Book Festival.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @ERMurray or visit her website Green Fingered Writer to find out what she’s up to next.

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