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This week, we’re looking at the much talked-about subject of self-publishing  and a wee bit at e-books as well. Laura Pepper Wu always has interesting stuff going on at and her interview with self-published novelist Mark Edwards really jumped out in my scan of the interweb this week. give us what they consider to be the main advantages of going the self-publishing route while Terry Giuliano talks about how the the world is finally sitting up and taking notice of self-publishing as a proper industry. But despite this change, self-publisher Talli Roland looks forward to when she’s no-longer branded as ‘Indie’, just as a novelist.

Self-Publishing might just be the start.

In an interview with’s Laura Pepper Wu, novelist Mark Edwards talks about how self-publishing E-books transformed 2 novels into publishing phenomenons.

“Mark Edwards and his writing partner Louise Voss were the first British indie authors to hit #1 & #2 on the charts with Killing Cupid & Catch Your Death. But their journey to that point wasn’t exactly plain sailing.”

Hear the interview at


Some of the reasons it makes sense to do-it-yourself.

There are, of course, downsides to self-publishing, but here are some of the benefits.

“The digital book — or eBook — is now the preferred choice for millions of readers. Today you can publish your eBook for a fraction of the cost and time it once took to bring a book “to market.”.”

Read more about these benefits at


It’s a good time to be self-publishing!

Self-published writer Terri Giuliano talks about how self-publishing is gaining momentum and respect.

“I self-published my debut novel, not out of a burning desire to be an indie author, but in the hope of attracting a “real” publisher for my novel-in-progress.”

Read more from Terri at


Ebooks are taking off in Europe.

Despite slow start, E-books gain ground in Europe.

“Electronic books, which have sparked excited chatter for several years in the publishing world, are now gaining momentum among European readers, despite a late start.”

Read the full article at!hash=54f124ade31fffcaea359db776f65a62


Don’t call me an Indie!

Writer Talli Roland doesn’t want to be branded as an ‘Indie Author’, and explains all in this article.

“Some of us wear our indie-author badge with pride. Others think self-publishing is for shmucks. Both stances are equally  irrelevant to what really matters.”

Read Talli’s piece at







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Paul likes crime thrillers, good coffee and Cadbury’s chocolate. He does not like country-and-western music or people who don’t know how to indicate on roundabouts.

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