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Really Useful Links for Writers: Twitter Special

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Paul FitzSimons

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When I was talking last week about writing blurb, I mentioned that, these days, writers are having to engage in so much more than just putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Due to the changing tides in the world of writing and publishing, we are increasingly having to take on all the roles involved in getting our writing into the bookshops or on to the screen.

One of these roles is to create and maintain a public awareness of ourselves, so that when the time comes to sell that book or movie, your audience already knows who we are. And one of most effective ways of getting ourselves out there into the big bad world is to get on Twitter.

These days, Twitter is surpassing Facebook, blogging, and personal websites as an effective means of creating an online presence. Of course, as well as setting up an account and saying “Here I am!”, there are ways to maximise our online presence –  it’s not just about setting ourselves up and waiting for our adoring fans to flock. And on her website inkygirl.com, Debbie Ridpath Ohi (great name) gives us a comprehensive guide as to how make the most of our presence on Twitter .

In a slight variation from what I normally do here, this week I’m going to be suggesting some of the people and services that we writers should definitely be following on Twitter.

But before I do that, I definitely should mention Writability and their creatively titled piece ‘How To Be Awesome on Twitter’. They give us some great advice on how to effectively use Twitter, some obvious, others not so.

And now on to the hot list, those energetic, entertaining, informative  or just-plain-amusing tweeters who, for one reason or another, we writers should all be following.


Chris Ewan @chrisewan. Bestselling author of ‘Safe House’, whose new thriller, ‘Dead Line’, is out in August.

Claudia Carroll @carrollclaudia. Author, who faithfully promises never to tweet photos of ‘lovely views’, kittens or any kind of food.

Laurence O’Bryan @lpobryan. Award winning crime/mystery author of The ‘Istanbul Puzzle’ and ‘The Jerusalem Puzzle’.

Louise Phillips @louisemphillips. Author of crime thriller ‘Red Ribbons’.

Eilis Mernagh @EilisMernagh. Screenwriter of acclaimed Short Film ‘Tiger’.



The Friday Project @fridayproject.  The Friday Project publish books. Sometimes people buy them.

Poolbeg @poolbegbooks. Ireland’s number one publisher of fiction for women.

Mercier Press @irishpublisher. Independent publisher of extraordinary stories. History, Biography, Literature, Kids, Sport, Politics, MBS, Business and Current Affairs.

Random House @randomhouse. The world’s largest English language trade publisher. We love to chat about books & writing. Bookworms, unite!


Bryony Woods @bryonywoods.  Literary agent at DKW. who loves books, tea, rainy days and thunderstorms. Always on the lookout for strong narrative voices and vivid characters.

Karolina Sutton @karolinasutton. Pocket-sized literary agent at Curtis Brown. Good thinker, bad typist.

The Darley Anderson Agency @da _agency. Tweets from Darley’s Angels, Clare, Mary and Vicki.



Catherine Ryan Howard @cathryanhoward. Writer, astronaut, skinny… Catherine wouldn’t mind being any of those things. For now, she’s the self-published author of some books.

IndieAuthorsAlliance @IndieAuthorALLI. Membership organisation for self-publishing writers. Advice, guidance, collaboration, advocacy, excellence.



ScreenCraft @screencrafting.The business of screenwriting. The entertainment of Hollywood.

The Script Lab @TheScriptLab. Screenwriting resource for writers, filmmakers and creators.

UK Scriptwriters @UKscriptwriters. UK Scriptwriters podcast hosted once a month by Tim Clague & Danny Stack.

Danny Lacey @dannylaceyfilm. A writer, producer, director, cameraman and editor. Sharing the whole filmmaking journey online.

And Paul The Editor @PaulFitzEditor is worth a follow! Full Script Editing and Reading Service for Writers, Producers, Funding Bodies – ed.


Writing Publications:

Number Eleven @NumberEleven1 Number Eleven is an online literary journal that publishes short stories, flash fiction and illustrations. Number Eleven is published quarterly.

wordlegs.com @wordlegs An Irish online literature magazine showcasing new writing talent. Find short stories, poetry, flash fiction and more.

99fiction @99fiction. A simple site for works of fiction and poetry 99 words or less. New social network http://99fiction.net  launches 31 May 2013!! Hey!! What’s the story?



Dublin Writers Fest @dubwritersfest. Ireland’s premier literary event celebrating the very best of Irish and International Writers.

Writers’ Week @Writersweek. Literary festival devoted to bringing together writers & audiences at our annual festival .

Screenwriters’ Fest @londonswf. Educate, inspire and connect. 3 days, 125 speakers, 700 delegates.


Writers Services And Centres:

Big Smoke @bigsmokewriting. Big Smoke Writing Factory: creative writing workshops, classes & resources.

Irish Writers’ Centre @IrishWritersCtr. Founded in 1987, located in Parnell Square, Dublin. Promotes contemporary Irish writing and writers.

The Inkwell Group aka @inkwellhq. Ireland’s leading publishing consultancy, provider of all the services a writer could need from editing to cover design, and literary scouts for several leading agents. Run by Vanessa O’Loughlin (gotta add that one)


Twitter’s For Writers Too.

Inkygirl.com tells us what’s how Twitter can help us poor writers.

“One of my goals for this series of posts is to help you learn from my mistakes, and also share what I’ve learned about what does and doesn’t work”



Be Awesome.

Writability.com’s guide to getting the most out of Twitter.

“Being awesome on Twitter is actually much easier than it sounds.”



And obviously, you need to be following @writing_ie!

About the author

(c) Paul FitzSimons

Paul FitzSimons is a screenwriter and novelist and has written the novel ‘Burning Matches’ and a number of scripts for film and TV. He has worked as a storyline writer on RTE’s ‘Fair City’. His short stories are published in ‘Who Brought The Biscuits’ by The Naas Harbour Writers. Paul likes crime thrillers, good coffee and Cadbury’s chocolate. He doesn’t like country-and-western music or people who don’t indicate on roundabouts.

Paul also runs the Script Editing service Paul | The | Editor.


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