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Publishing Startup Reedsy Launches Service to Help Readers Discover the Next The Martian!

Publishing startup Reedsy announced today the launch of Reedsy Discovery, a new service that aims to give exposure to the rising number of indie books published each year.

Reedsy Discovery will promote indie books through a community of expert reviewers and reader feedback. Upon joining, members can browse curated bookshelves, preview chapters, and connect with thousands of other book lovers. Indie authors are invited to submit their books to get discovered.

The new platform is designed to address a pressing need in the publishing industry. In 2017, Bowker reported that the number of independently published titles in the U.S. topped the one million milestone for the first time, eclipsing the 300,000 books that are traditionally published each year (according to the IPA). Yet an infrastructure that supports book-finding for these self-published books doesn’t exist. “More writers than ever are choosing to self-publish over the traditional route. They enjoy the business model and creative freedom. But then these writers struggle to find a market for their books,” said Emmanuel Nataf, CEO and co-founder of Reedsy. “Reedsy Discovery is the game-changing answer for indie authors seeking to match with both readers and reviewers. We want to make Discovery the go-to platform for any author looking to create momentum for their launch.”

In addition to an innovative feed of “fresh discoveries,” Reedsy Discovery will feature a weekly newsletter of top books in popular genres, handpicked suggestions straight from trustworthy reviewers, and a leaderboard that lets readers upvote their favorite titles.

Reedsy Discovery is a step towards a book recommendation system that accurately reflects the rich diversity of the publishing industry today. Nataf noted that what sets Reedsy Discovery apart from other book discovery platforms like Goodreads is its focus on indie content. Along with an intuitive user experience, the new service will provide the marketing tools for indie authors to be able to reach their market. “There’s still a stigma which says that self-published books can’t compare to the quality of titles released by Big Five publishers. This just isn’t true anymore,” said Nataf. “There are plenty of remarkable indie books on the market — the current challenge is exposure.” At launch, authors will pay $50 to gain exposure on Discovery, reaching tens of thousands of readers.

“Right now traditional outlets are ignoring over one million self-published titles every year, which means that the next Andy Weir [whose self-published novel, The Martian, was adapted into a film starring Matt Damon] is possibly going undiscovered,” he said. Reedsy Discovery will use a mix of human curation and machine learning algorithms to bring the right book recommendations to readers. “There’s a world of stories out there, and Amazon’s automatic recommendation emails are not doing a great job at suggesting them. It’s time that they were easier for readers to find.”

Additional Background about Reedsy

Reedsy has helped bring over 10,000 books to life by connecting authors with the industry’s top publishing talent. Since its founding in 2014, its marketplace has grown rapidly to house 150,000 authors, making it one of the largest author communities in the world. Over 1,500 top editors, designers, marketers and ghostwriters, also offer services via its marketplace. Reedsy offers free online courses through Reedsy Learning and webinars through Reedsy Live, giving authors easy access to the knowledge required to thrive in today’s publishing landscape.

Funded by top European angels and early-stage investors, Reedsy won the BookTech award from The Bookseller in 2015 and the Quantum Publishing Innovation Award from the London Book Fair in 2016.

Operationally, Reedsy is a fully remote company and a diverse team of 25, with over 15 nationalities and languages spoken.


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