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Emmanuel Nataf

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Reedsy allows authors to craft and promote high-quality books through a curated community of top editors, designers and marketers.

Reedsy has sourced a selection of the the best publishing talent the industry has to offer. Services that are currently available on Reedsy include editing (copy editing, content editing, proofreading and editorial assessment), design (cover design, book interior design, illustration and typography) and publicity (blog tours and press coverage). Marketing services will be added early 2016.

Authors can join Reedsy and browse our professionals’ profiles for free. They can filter their search according to the genre of their book and service they need to create a shortlist of professionals they’d like to request a quote from. Once matched, authors and professionals can use a set of tools to collaborate on projects.

Reedsy opened in November 2014 and has received over 10,000 applications from professionals to join the platform. Out of hundreds of professionals who apply each month, only the top 3% are selected. Most of them have worked for the big 5 in the past, and some have worked with authors as illustrious as George R. R. Martin, Ken Follet, Isabel Allende, Stephen King and Paul Krugman. This ensures only the best quality work is produced on the site.

The company was recently awarded the BookTech Award from The Bookseller as the best publishing startup of 2015.

How Does it Work?
Once you’re registered on Reedsy as an author, you get full access to the marketplace. You can review the profiles that seem relevant to your project and contact up to 5 of our professionals for a quote.


Contacting several professionals will give you a better feel for the market, and increase your chances of finding the right “match”. Something to bear in mind is that Reedsy is not about finding the “cheapest” professional: it’s about finding one who is genuinely interested in your project, has relevant experience in your genre, and has a communication style you enjoy.

Our quoting and messaging interface makes it easy for authors to interact with professionals, while our briefing system allows professionals to get all the information they need to provide a comprehensive quote.

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Reedsy caters to digital authors. No more lost manuscripts or deleted emails; all files and conversations are kept in one place, securely stored in the cloud.


How does Reedsy select its professionals?

The process for reviewing applicants is quite simple: we ask professionals to fill in their profile by selecting the services they can offer, the genres they specialize in, their work experience and their portfolio. Then our team goes over all new applications on a weekly basis and handpicks the ones who will be able to provide the highest level of quality to our authors. Most Reedsy professionals have experience working with top publishers and bestselling titles.

Reedsy ensures all parties are protected on its platform, as every transaction is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee (more details on our website). If you are unhappy with the work produced by one of our professionals, we will act as the mediator and help you come to an agreement. In some cases we will even issue a full or partial refund.

What is the cost of Reedsy?
There are no set prices on Reedsy, as all the professionals work at their own rates. Pricing will vary depending on the professional’s experience, seniority and specialty. Reedsy charges authors a 10% commission on successful collaborations.

Are there more features coming?
Yes! In 2016, we’ll release our Reedsy Book Editor, a writing and editing tool built for authors and editors that also offers free conversion to electronic and print formats.

And of course, we’ll keep curating and improving our marketplace to make sure authors work only with the best professionals and continue to craft beautiful, bestselling books.editor (1)

(c) Emmanuel Nataf

Reedsy have recently launched a new book production tool to help you through the process, check it out here:


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