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Silver Apples Magazine is a new Irish e-zine founded by friends and long-time collaborators Alex Dunne and Gráinne O’Brien who were looking for a new project to undertake together. Both Alex and Gráinne are English literature graduates, voracious readers, and aspiring writers with previous editing and publishing experience. They felt that collaborating on this literary magazine together was the next logical step. After various in-depth discussions over endless cups of tea, Silver Apples Magazine was born.

Alex and Gráinne were very emphatic about what they wanted in a magazine.  To provide a platform to show off new and emerging talent alongside more established authors and poets. They both know that it can be difficult for fledgling writers to get a start, and how easily discouraged they can become. It is their hope that Silver Apples Magazine can provide the opportunity for these writers to reach a wider audience. As they state in their submission guidelines, “What makes Silver Apples Magazine different is our desire to publish unknown and unpublished artists and creators. There is no need for you to have a previous publication history to submit to us – whether you are a seasoned author or a photographer just finding their feet, as long as you have a vision or an idea we want to hear from you!”

Gráinne and Alex are also keen to include a number of submissions from various other media such as one act plays, creative non-fiction, comics photography and graphic art. Each issue will have an overarching theme (the first issue is themed “Modern Mythologies”) and it is their hope that the words and images will weave together to form a cohesive work of art in its own right.

Because Silver Apples Magazine is entirely funded by Gráinne and Alex’s own (limited) pockets, in the short term it is to be published as a downloadable .pdf that will be available on the website: They hope that, as the magazine grows, they may be able to offer future issues in hardcopy as well.

Alex and Gráinne are keen to emphasise that Silver Apples Magazine is open to receiving submissions from any genre in the following categories:

  • Short fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Poetry (all forms)
  • One act plays
  • Photography
  • Digital artwork and illustrations
  • Comics

All submissions MUST be original, previously unpublished works (however, if a piece was previously published on a personal blog it will be considered as long as that fact is made explicit). Plagiarism will not be tolerated and is punishable by death (ok, not really…but they will be very annoyed with you!).

Please email all submissions to with the header “Submission” followed by the type of submission and the title of your piece.

E.g. Submission: Poetry – Rain on the Windowpane

Please also include a short bio (max 50 words).

All submissions MUST be received by the 31st March 2014 (yes, this is a hard and fast deadline!)

Writing Submissions:

All writing submissions (short fiction/poetry/one act plays etc.) must be submitted as a .doc or .docx attachment, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font.

Silver Apples Magazine will accept 2 short story, creative non-fiction and one-act play submissions per author, with a maximum word count of 3,000 words for each piece.

They will accept up to 5 poetry submissions.

Each submission must be saved to a separate Word document and the file must be clearly named.

Art Submissions:

Art/Photography/Comic submissions must be sent as a high resolution .jpg attachment.  The file must be clearly named. They will accept up to 3 artwork submissions per person.

Be sure to follow Silver Apples Magazine on Facebook, and Twitter @silverapplesmag and check the website regularly for updates.

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