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Sixteen is an online magazine that aims to use the 1916 centenary to help emerging and professional writers craft new work based on the 1916 Easter Rising. We are deeply interested in how Ireland has changed in the last 100 years since and want to explore how the events of that week in 1916 have shaped us as a nation today or if they did at all.

Neither of the editors of Sixteen are historians. We are interested in good writing and we’re not adverse to a bit of visual art.

Because a number of the men who fought in the Rising were also poets and writers, for example, Thomas MacDonagh, Padraic Pearse, Joseph Mary Plunkett, James Connolly and Roger Casement, it is even more appropriate that we look to the poets and writers of 2016 and showcase their work from today’s Ireland.

While the people of 1916 wrote of struggle and rebellion, we are interested in what is stirring Irish people today. Already, we have received a number of submissions that lament aspects of 21st century Ireland: the economy and the obsession with the trivial.

On the 16th of each month leading up to the 16 months before April 2016, we will publish an issue of our magazine, online, with the best pieces of work we receive. Each month, we will give a prompt relating to the Easter Rising. It might be an event, a character, a building or a piece of art. We will offer some ideas on our inspiration board and then it’s up to the writers. We are looking for work from all writers of all levels, from the beginner to the professional.

All submissions should follow our guidelines and we only accept work through our web form. Editors have the final decision on the final piece. Any piece of writing may need editorial help and support and we reserve all rights to make these changes to ensure the standard is good for our magazine.

There are a few aspects of the magazine that we think will make it unique. Firstly, we are going to be making a lot of use from social media. The magazine has a Facebook and Twitter account. On a basic level, this allows us to interact with anyone who is interested in the project. However, we intend to allow our social media presence to give people the opportunity to comment on, critique and suggest improvements on any writers’ work. Obviously, this would be intended to be positive and all comments will be monitored. Another aspect of our magazine is that while we will be highlighting the best work each month, anyone who writes a piece for the magazine, will have it published on the web site. Authors will be able to see a portfolio of their work and can share this with their friends.

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Sixteen Magazine currently has two editors. Rozz Lewis is one of the editors and founders of Sixteen Literary Magazine. She is a primary school teacher living in Carlow Town. She runs a literary blog at and is a member of the Carlow Writers Group. Her stories have been published in the group anthology What Champagne Was Like, Wordlegs “Post Celtic Tiger” special issue magazine and Literary Orphans magazine. She was shortlisted for the New Planet Cabaret on RTE Radio 1 and long listed for Fish Flash Fiction and Short Story Publishing Prize 2013. She was writer in residence for the Carlow Youth services in 2014 where she taught a series of writing workshop with a group of youths in town. As a member of the Carlow Co-operative Writers, she was part of a series of radio writing and performing workshops in conjunction with Carlow Libraries, KCLR FM and John Mac Kenna, playwright, which was launched at the Carlow Arts Festival 2014 in June.

Simon Lewis is co-editor and co-founder of Sixteen Literary Magazine and is from Dublin. He has been published in a number of literary magazines including Skylight 47 and Boyne Berries. His work has also appeared in a number of books including the Blue Max Review (Rebel Books) and New Planet Cabaret (New Island Books). Simon was also recently shortlisted for the Listowel poetry collection prize.

We are looking forward to welcoming some guest editors over the coming months and if anyone is interested, they should get in touch with us. We hope that this project will offer some sort of positive commemoration of the events of 1916 and that writers from around the world will have a space to share their work.

(c) Rozz Lewis

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