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Submissions deadline: 16th February 2024

What is Abridged?

Abridged aims to publish and exhibit contemporary/ experimental poetry plus contemporary art. We encourage poets/artists to investigate the articulation of ‘Abridged’ themes. These themes focus on contemporary concerns in a rapidly changing society. We are offering an alternative and complete integration of poetry, art and design. We experiment continually. We also stray into the exhibition format producing contemporary, innovative and challenging work accompanied by a free publication.

Why call it Abridged?

Because we are. You are. Everyone is. It also gives us a incompleteness to aspire to. People were rather dubious in regard to the name when we first unveiled it. However it’s become quite iconic and serves its purpose as we intended. We used to believe the ‘Abridged’ world was a few steps away from reality. Now it’s inches.

Who is Abridged?

At the moment Abridged is Gregory McCartney and Susanna Galbraith and has been for quite a while. However the make-up of Abridged is quite fluid and we have worked with various personnel over the years and no doubt will continue to do so. People come and go. The light still flashes.

Submissions Guidelines

Following issues 0-40 ‘Take Me Home’ and 0-87 ‘Not At Home’, for this issue we invite submissions that continue to explore the concept of ‘Home’ in contemporary society – what’s hiding in the dark of its foundations, and what it might mean to be broken. You may submit up to three poems to which must be in a Word or PDF format. Unusually formatted poems we prefer in an PDF format, material that is more straightforward in Word. Please also send a short bio and put your name and address on the email or it might get lost in the Spam folder. We can’t send proofs so please send the final version of your poem.

See here for further information.

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