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Crossways is a literary magazine that deals in original poetry, short-fiction, and book reviews. Established in early 2018, its aim is to publish high quality work from authors in Ireland and around the globe. The magazine is available in both print and digital formats.

Crossways was set up in January 2018 by David Jordan. He designed the site and took care of everything before he was joined by Anne Daly about a year later. Our newest recruit, Shane O’Neill, joined us recently. The vision of the magazine is and always has been to give new and emerging voices the chance to be heard.

After ten issues and over 40,000 hits on our website, we are looking forward to issue #11, which will see a new departure for the magazine. It will no longer be available online but will be purchasable in print and as a digital download at a reduced price. But we will continue our policy of favouring new and emerging authors who show ability and promise, no matter what their age or location. However, as an Irish publication, about half of our selected pieces will also continue to come from writers who live on this island.

A lot of thought went into the name, Crossways. Here are three ideas that inspired the title.

Firstly, we believe that the crossways are a good metaphor for engaging with other minds through reading. When we read, our minds cross paths with other minds. Sometimes it happens only once but often paths cross again and again. We believe that, through reading, especially literature, we come to know that we are not alone. People who enjoy poetry and fiction need to go to the crossways again and again. Perhaps because they are more conscious of the gulfs that separate us as human beings. People who live a life of the mind know that it is the best life because realising that we are not alone is perhaps the greatest joy there is.

The title also recalls a seminal work of sociology by C. Wright Mills. Sociology? What is the connection, you might ask? Well, to start with, many practicing sociologists believe that the discipline is more of an art than a science. And this art is literature. In The Sociological Imagination, Mills argues that the proper concern of sociologists should be the points at which individual people’s lives cross with historical processes. In other words, the intersection of history and biography. Yes, another crossways! This intersection of biography and history is a place where authors and poets go to as well, because they are searching for universals. We might recall Joyce’s assertion that within the particular is contained the universal.

Lastly, the name is also taken directly from the title of WB Yeats’ first collection of poems, Crossways. This ties in with our interest in new and emerging voices. As a very young author, Yeats hadn’t much else to draw on than his imagination and his incredible ear. These two qualities, imagination and music, are, we believe, the vital elements of good poetry and fiction.

At Crossways, we also enjoy beautiful artwork, and we like to share it with our readers by changing the header image of our site every few months as well as the cover of the magazine itself. We like to keep people surprised and wondering what will come next, as we choose from a variety of different styles and subjects, by different artists. There is always food for the eye at the site. As well as paintings by William Blake and Jack Yeats, we’ve displayed images of pieces from contemporary Irish artists such as Diana Muller, Brian Keating and Maria Noonan-McDermott. This concern also goes into the design and layout and look of the site. We believe that a site like ours should be visually satisfying. Simplicity and elegance are two values that are reflected in the online issues.

Crossways also publishes a review in every issue. We review work from all publishers but many of the books we receive are from the nice people at Lilliput Press. We always like to hear from potential reviewers. It’s good to have another mind to put into the mix for each issue. An outside element will help us to avoid becoming predictable.

Our blog covers many different aspects of literature and we are proud of it. It is perhaps best to see this area of the site as a place for insights. ‘Thought provoking’ is a platitude but we believe that it is true of our blog. It is also an area where we can interact directly with visitors to the site.

Although we are no longer making the magazine accessible on the site, please feel free to look at the first ten issues. It doesn’t cost anything! If you are thinking of submitting, then it might be a good idea to take a look at one or two, just to get a feel for the kinds of work we publish. The magazine section of the site is at

So, there you have it. We hope that readers and writers will be inspired by this article to come visit us at and see for themselves the work we do. It is work that we love doing and we believe that we are getting better at it. If you are a poet or author of short fiction or if you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Although we will read anything (almost), we especially want to hear from new and emerging writers who are looking to break into the world of published authors.

Submissions are free but we can’t afford payment for work at this stage. We hope to help get your name out there and interest a publisher who can offer you payment for your work.

If you want to submit, please email cover letter and put bio (third person) and pic and your poems or stories in a single attachment (doc.x). Send to

If you are sending short-fiction please address it to our short-fiction editor, Shane O’Neill.

All poetry submissions should be addressed to our poetry editor, Anne Daly.

Review requests, queries etc. should be addressed to general editor, David Jordan. Please submit up to five poems or short stories. Short stories should have a maximum of 3,000 words.

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