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Submissions Deadline: Open

ENTROPY is a website featuring literary and related non-literary content. We like to think of ourselves as more than just a magazine or a website, but also as a community space. We seek to create a space where writers can engage with other writers, can participate in a literary community, where thinkers can collaborate and share both literary and non-literary ideas, and where writers can feel safe and included. We especially strive to support marginalized voices and identities through publishing, offering resources, and community building. We also seek to provide a diverse platform for content and interests, including topics such as small press literature, video games, graphic novels, interactive literature, science fiction, fantasy, music, film, art, poetry, and other topics in addition to literary reviews, interviews, conversations, essays, and articles on experimental literature, translation, small press practices, and performance. We appreciate diverse beliefs and perspectives and want to encourage open discussion through a variety of opinions.

We are currently and indefinitely open for submissions of Reviews (collaborative reviews, video reviews, & nontraditional reviews are welcome), Interviews/Conversations, Discussions/Roundtables, & Articles/Essays/Notes/Rants/Lists/Writings related to or following into any of the following categories: Creative Nonfiction, Lyrical Essay, Personal Essay, Literature, Experimental Writing, Small Presses, Translation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Games (Video games, board games, computer games), Science, Digital & Interactive Literature, Travel, the Paranormal, Television, Film, Music, Food, Culture & Art.

We welcome the above, but please don’t see this as a limiting list, rather a starting list of suggestions. If you’re not sure, send us a query. If you have an idea for a column or series, send us a pitch. We prefer complete & finished submissions. Interest in a pitch unfortunately does not guarantee publication.

Reviews can be for books, films, games, or other works, and should be thoughtful, productive, analytical, and engage with the subject.

We ask for exclusive rights to published pieces for a period of two weeks. After that, republishing with attribution is welcome.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please make sure to send your submission to the relevant editor (see the list below).
  • Include the word “submission” in the subject of your email.
  • Include a very brief bio and author photo to help speed up the process.
  • Please send your submission as a DOC or DOCX file. If formatting is important, please also include a PDF.
  • If you have relevant images to accompany your piece, please send those as well. (All pieces accepted for publication will be accompanied by a featured image, so if you have a particular image, let us know.)
  • Also let us know if you have published with us before, especially if submitting to a different section, series, or editor.

Further information available here.



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