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Submissions Call: Dodging the Rain

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Submissions Deadline: 18th of each month

Dodging The Rain is an art and literary journal committed to representing a variety of new work by emerging writers and artists. It provides an internet platform that showcases writers and artists worldwide.

It is published on the first of each month with a standing submission deadline of the 18th. Its editorial team welcomes all genres of literature and art and rejects any work promoting intolerance, hatred or fear. Contributors maintain ownership of and the right to republish their content. At this time, the journal is unable to offer contributors payment.

Dodging The Rain’s submission guidelines are as follows:

Max. word count is 3,500, no minimum; submit up to 10 pieces of artwork or 10 poems.*

  1. Submit literature as an attachment in Word, format artwork using png/jpg.
  2. In the submission document, include a brief third-person bio about you and your work.
  3. Submit by email:

We do not read submissions that fail to follow these guidelines.

*We are also open to longer submissions. Please email the relevant editor in advance if you would like to submit a longer piece, or to pitch an idea. Submitting multiple pieces of work increases your chances of publication. However, because, in art and poetry, for example, we favour multi-text posts, we prefer submissions to remain available to us unless your work has been accepted elsewhere.

We are looking for:

Fiction: Stories that capture something essential about life, and all the better if this can be achieved with humour and/or magical realism.

Features: Interviews with authors, artists, musicians, actors, and even organic farmers, book and film reviews.

Drama: Pieces that show life and all its edges with humour or harsh words or a trip to the moon.

Art: Photos, paintings, drawings, animations, videos, songs. Be innovative, experiment and find your own voice.

Non-Fiction: History, science, letters, recipes, personal essays, contemplations, journals of struggling writers, self-help articles, literary criticism and much more.

Poetry: Poems with their own personality and voice. Writing that experiments and challenges our preconceptions of poetry, that looks forward.

We are also excited to announce a new category of Dodging The Rain titled ‘This is Not a Review.’ We want you to recommend and sell undervalued books that mean a lot to you to our readers. Help to spread the word about and draw attention to them. For more information click here to go to our site.

For more information on the type of work we like to receive, please read our About page, our Duotrope interview, and the work we’ve published in recent months.


To keep up to date with everything happening with Dodging The Rain like us on Facebook (where we post daily) and follow us on Twitter. You can also contact us at alwaysdodgingtherain@gmail.com.