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Submissions Call: Into the Void Magazine

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Submissions deadline: 7th December 2020

Into the Void Magazine are currently accepting submissions to Issue #18.

Into the Void is an award-winning print and online literary magazine dedicated to providing a platform for world-class fiction, flash, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art from people of all kinds all over the world, as well as literature and film reviews, occasional interviews, and regular columns on all things art. Into the Void strives to be a home where diversity is valued and art is treasured, its editors reading only submissions that have identification information removed to further our mission of fairness and equality. We accept work of all styles and publish that which we feel is honest, heartfelt, and screaming to be seen. We are committed to giving writers and artists of all experience levels an opportunity—it’s all about the art.

Until we reach our Submittable-allotted monthly free submissions limit, there is no fee to submit but free submissions fill up quickly. Thereafter you may submit via the Tip Jar. There are always two free-submissions windows during each reading period. Tip Jar submissions are a vital source of the income that allows us to run day-to-day, and are hugely appreciated. Your donation will not go to any of the editors: all editors at Into the Void are unpaid volunteers.

Visual art submissions are accepted via email. See here for details.

Author Rights and Payment

All submissions must be unpublished. Authors retain all rights. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know right away if accepted elsewhere.

Into the Void is committed to paying writers and artists. This has been our goal from day one, because, as writers ourselves, we know it sucks to not receive some kind of financial compensation in return for the weeks (months, years!) of hard work you put into your piece of writing/art. At present we are only able to offer a token payment of $10 per poem, flash fiction or visual art piece, and $20 per long-form prose piece, plus a contributor copy and one-year online subscription to Into the Void. While small, this token payment is symbolic of our commitment to supporting writers/artists as well as our intentions to continue to increase this amount over the coming years. How much we can increase this amount by, and how quickly, depends on the support of our readers and submitters. Payments will be sent via PayPal only. PayPal accounts are free, and can be linked to your bank account so that funds may be deposited into your bank from PayPal at no charge. Because running a literary magazine is immensely difficult financially, any and all support is hugely appreciated (subscribe, or buy an issue!). 

We are extremely loyal to our contributors and love building supportive relationships with them in their careers. We nominate our best contributors for The Pushcart Prize, O. Henry Award, The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Nonrequired Reading, The Best American EssaysBest of the NetThe Best Small Fictions, Bettering American Poetry, and the VERA.


There is no fee to submit to Into the Void, but we strongly recommend you read an issue before submitting. A one-year subscription of the print magazine (4 issues) with unlimited online access is only CA$7 per issue + shipping; a one-year online-only subscription is CA$9.99; a single print issue is CA$14 + shipping—all are jam-packed with literature and visual art we are totally infatuated with.

Submission Periods

As a quarterly magazine, we accept submissions during four periods per year (excluding contests):

  • February 1 through March 7
  • May 1 through June 7
  • August 1 through September 7
  • November 1 through December 7


    • Submissions are read blind; do not include any identifying information in your submission document, document title, or the title in the Submittable form (except for visual art submissions, as we do not yet have the ability to read those blind).
    • You may submit up to one short story, one creative nonfiction essay, 3 flash fictions, 4 poems, or 12 images. Please submit to only one of these categories per reading period, unless you are submitting via the Tip Jar in which case there is no limit to how many times you may submit and how many categories you may submit to.
    • Please follow standard manuscript format. For prose, double-spaced in 12-point; poetry, single-spaced (unless specific formatting required).
    • Please follow us on social media: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram.
    • You can expect to hear back from us within approximately 6 weeks, sometimes a little longer, but we try to respond as quickly as we can.
    • By submitting to Into the Void, you are agreeing to be added to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.
    • Contact info@intothevoidmagazine.com with questions.

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