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Submissions deadline: open

For General Submissions, Please Follow This Rough Guide:


Short Stories: 1,000—5,000 words

Poetry: <80 lines

BIO: Please include a third person bio (approx. 50 words) along with your Twitter handle if you have one. (For reference, take a look at our published author bios.)

EMAIL: for all submissions e.g. [Title] – Short Story/Poetry

FORMAT: Please copy your submission (and bio) into the body of your email. Our software really hates us, so we need to be able to copy and paste cleanly. Sensible font size, left-justified (no indents/tabs), single spaced, and a single space between sentences. One piece of work per submission.

Response Time:

We aim to respond to all submissions within three weeks. (Typically, we’re much quicker than that, but, on the odd occasion, we might take a month or a little bit longer. We’re organised but often stretched — two people, both working full-time. Please don’t prod us for an update — if you’ve sent us your work, rest assured that we have it and we will reply to you.)

If we like your work and we’re interested in publishing it, we may suggest tweaks, because we want it to look its best. We’re committed to ensuring that you are part of the editorial process and that you have the final say on any major edits. That said, we’ll go ahead and very lightly format/clean up accepted pieces in the interests of good grammar/punctuation, ‘house style’, and the preservation of everybody’s precious time.

Simultaneous submissions are fine — please let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Please wait one month between submissions.


Our published work is the best indicator of our preferences. Please do take a look to see if your work might fit. Our inclination is towards serious, stylistically ambitious, adult work.

We will most likely decline work that features:

Predatory males/violence towards women or children, misogyny, domestic/sexual violence/abuse.

Overt male gaze. Yes, of course, it’s your shady narrator noticing her ‘ass’ or describing a character as ‘not overtly beautiful’, but still. Come on.

Child’s-eye view — particularly of domestic drama/adult issues.

Marital strife/divorce.

Aliens/spaceships etc.


Explicit sex.

The pandemic.

We like poetry that breathes easy. We favour work that uses careful imagery, symbolism, and metaphor over ‘plain prose’. We want to see your language, your attention to form, technique. The poems we’ve published to date are the absolute best indicator of what we like, so please do take a look.

We support, and will promote, inclusion and non-discrimination.

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