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Natonal Flash Fiction

Submissions Deadline: 15th February 2022

The 2022 National Flash Fiction Day anthology will be edited by NFFD’s Karen Jones and Guest Editor Chris Drew.

The theme of this year’s National Flash Fiction Day Anthology is FREEDOM.

What do you think of when you think of freedomFreedom from, freedom to do, freedom to be?

Does your mind go to prisons and zoos or to protest marches and politics or to leaving the office on a Friday, packing a bag and heading off on holiday? Or is it simply freedom of thought? Or is it George Michael belting out that classic? But maybe you have a very different view of freedom; go on, surprise us!

Feel free to interpret FREEDOM however you wish, in 500 words or fewer, and submit your stories by 15 February 2022.

We’ll be opening submissions on 1 December 2021, at which time you’ll be able to read our full anthology submission guidelines here.

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