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Submissions deadline: January 15th 2022

Submissions open for Issue 8 of Paper Lanterns on 9th December 2021.

Paper Lanterns is a literary journal, founded in 2020 and published four times a year. Acting as a platform to promote the voices of young people in Ireland and across the world, this journal provides new and exciting content for a teen and young adult audience. It is also perfect for enthusiasts of teen and YA literature; from teachers and librarians, to parents and youth workers.

This is a YA journal for writers, artists, dreamers, and doers. This is a space for the underrepresented voices and a platform for publishing and promoting young writers and artists so they are seen and heard.
We also make space for those who were once young adults to submit their work! Those who proudly and loudly represent young voices in today’s world.

We are a magazine for writers, readers, and artists. Whether you want to submit your own work or just want feel part of the Paper Lanterns’ community and book club, there is plenty of room for you here.

Submission Guidelines

  • You must be 13+ years old to submit.
  • You are welcome to make multiple submissions. Please submit each piece in a separate and titled document.
  • We do not accept work that has been published elsewhere.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask you to notify us immediately if your submission has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Submissions after the deadline will not be considered.
  • We will respond to every submission within approximately five weeks from the closing date.
  • Submissions can be on any topic. Our only criteria is that your submission is written for a teen and young adult audience.
  • While we are very open to the content of the submissions, we will not accept any pieces that are prejudiced in nature. We will not accept pieces that include, but are not limited to: sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or classist content.

Should your submission be successful, we reserve the right to make minor edits to your work to comply with our style guide.

We are able to pay a fee to our contributors. The fee is €50 for poetry or flash fiction and €75 for short stories. This is payable by PayPal. If you are under 16, you will receive a book voucher.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to ask at

How to Submit:

Please format your submission as follows:

  • Email your submission as an attachment to with the subject line ‘Submission: Category’ and include your name in the body of the email.
  • You will receive a Google form after you send in your work. If you do not fill in this form, your submission is not complete and therefore will not be considered. Fill in a separate form for each piece.

Format your piece:

  • Microsoft Word document
  • Font size 12
  • Type in Calibri or Times New Roman. (Experimental typography is permitted if it serves a purpose in the story.)
  • Do not include your name in the document.
  • Each short story should be in a separate document.
  • Please title your word document in the following format:

“YOUR NAME” – “Short Story” – “TITLE”

“YOUR NAME” – “Flash Fiction” – “TITLE”

“YOUR NAME” – “Poetry” – “TITLE”

Short Stories

Maximum word count: 2000 words.

We will accept a maximum of two short stories per submission period.

Flash Fiction

Maximum word count: 400 words.

We will accept a maximum of three samples per submission period.


Maximum word count: 40 lines

We will accept a maximum of three poems per submission period.

See here for further information.


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