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Submissions Call: The Cheshire Novel Prize

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Submissions Deadline: 1st April 2022

The Cheshire Novel Prize is open to unrepresented authors over the age of 18 at the time of entry.

We believe that entering any novel prize or competition can be daunting. Putting your work out there is never an easy decision. That’s why we believe that EVERY writer should receive at least a paragraph of feedback as to why they were not longlisted or shortlisted

Having that feedback can really help writers to realise that not only is reading subjective, but sometimes the reasons for not being longlisted have nothing to do with the quality of the work or the ability of the writer.

Terms and Conditions

Our 2022 novel competition is open to entries from 1st January 2022. We close to entries at midnight GMT on 1st April 2022.

The entry fee is £25 per novel.

Please submit the first 5,000 words of your novel and a one-page synopsis. Please paste the 5,000 words and then the synopsis into the same document. The one page synopsis should be pasted immediately after the last page of your 5,000 word text. All entries must be written in English. Please remember to number your pages with the name of your novel in the header. Your entry must be anonymous and therefore, your name must not appear anywhere on the document. Your name and email details will be captured within the entry form and tracked via your entry ID.

Longlisted novels will be announced on 30th April 2022. Longlisted authors will be invited to submit an additional 50,000 words of their novel by midnight, 8th May 2022. Please paste your original entry of 5,000 words at the beginning of the document and follow immediately on with the next 50,000 words. Again, please paste your synopsis after the last page of your 55,000 words. Any writers unable to submit an additional 50,000 words will unfortunately be disqualified.

Shortlisted novels will be announced on 8th June 2022. All shortlisted entrants will be invited to submit their full novel by midnight on 15th June 2022. Upon shortlisting, we will invite you to send your synopsis and your full manuscript as separate documents. Any writers unable to submit the full manuscript will unfortunately be disqualified.

The overall competition winner will be announced on 1st August 2022 and awarded £1500. One highly commended writer will be announced and win £500. One additional writer from the shortlist will win three mentoring sessions with Anna Vaught, writer. @BoookwormVaught. Thanks to Anna for sponsoring a writer. The winning writer will receive an engraved trophy. Shortlisted writers and highly commended will receive a miniature version of the trophy.

Each month, throughout January – March 2022, The Cheshire Novel Prize will hold a monthly lucky dip draw. Names will be chosen at random and one winning writer each month will win a free manuscript assessment worth £895.00. The manuscript assessment will include, full mark-up of one manuscript, a Zoom call, a structural report and 4 hours of extra support. Winning writers will be announced on 1st August on our website and social media.

Shortlisted writers will be invited to a lunch in London on 1st August 2022. If for any reason due to geography or inability to travel, shortlisted writers can join remotely. Winners will be announced at this lunch. Shortly after, we will post the winners on our website and social media, along with our monthly lucky dip winners.

Novels can be in any genre for adults or young adults. Unfortunately, we do not accept children’s novels.

Novels must be the entrant’s original work and at least 60,000 words.

The competition is open to writers over the age of eighteen of any nationality and resident in any country. Sponsored places for low income writers apply to all nationalities. Please see the application process below for our guidelines.

The Cheshire Novel Prize is open to unpublished or self-published unangented novelists only. Self-published writers may enter as long as they are unagented at the time of entry, and not published by an independent publishing house and/or received an advance.

Any writers offered representation after entry, and/or before the winner is announced, must inform us via email at info@cheshirenovelprize.com

Entrants must be unagented at the time of submission.

In common with other awards for unpublished and self-published novels, the judging agents may contact longlisted or shortlisted authors before the winner is announced. However, the winner will have been decided internally before this point, and all entries will have been judged anonymously.

Entrants must not be employed by SNC editing or The Cheshire Novel Prize. Current clients of SNC may not apply. However, if entrants have only attended a workshop with SNC editing, you may apply.

Entries may not be altered after submission.

If you are longlisted or shortlisted, we will send you an email shortly before the Twitter announcement and the announcement on our website and other social media. Please do not release the details of your longlisting or shortlisting on social media. However, once the Cheshire Novel Prize has announced the winning book titles, you may say you have been longlisted, but you may not identify your work. If commenting on longlisting/shortlisting on Twitter, please make sure any novel titles are not on your social media headers. Any author identifying their work before the winner of the competition has been announced will be disqualified. Therefore, please ask your friends and supporters to also not identify your work on social media.

Entrants keep full copyright of their work. However, by entering the competition, the writer gives The Cheshire Novel Prize permission to post an extract from the first 20 pages of any shortlisted entries on our website.

You may withdraw your entry at any time, but we cannot refund you the entry fee.

Any writers entering a document by mistake can contact us within 12 hours of submission and we can help you to submit the correct documents. Please email info@cheshirenovelprize.com

We cannot enter into any correspondence as to why your entry was unsuccessful other than the feedback provided in the email after the competition has closed for entries.

The judge’s decision is final and no further correspondence can be entered into.

The Cheshire Novel Prize will require the winning writer to agree to an interview with the Cheshire Novel Prize. We will publish the interview on our website, Twitter account, Facebook and Instagram.

See here for further information and to submit.

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