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Submissions Call: The Four Faced Liar Literary Journal

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The Four Faced Liar


Submissions deadline: 15th June 2022

The Four Faced Liar is a new literary journal. And where better a base for this exciting venture than the pulsating, fertile, inventive city of Cork?

Named after the much-loved Shandon Bells – and edited by four lovers of tall stories – The Four Faced Liar will launch in print edition in Autumn 2022, showcasing an exciting and eclectic mix of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, literary translation, and visual art.

But – you might be asking – does Ireland need another lit mag? You bet it does! The more the merrier, say we four tellers of truths and untruths. There’s plenty of room aboard this ship.

The Four Faced Liar will be a fresh and vibrant:

  • Home for emerging talent
  • Herald for the work of creative writers and artists
  • Place of joyful wordsmithery and exciting art

We’re quietly confident we’ll secure full funding in 2023 – we’re going all out on that front. But we have to have something to show first. We have to prove our worth. Hence the need to crowd-fund Issue One. We’re ready and willing to dig into our own pockets – we really believe in The Four Faced Liar; it already exists for us – but truthfully those pockets aren’t very deep (most of our wealth resides in our ideas, our enthusiasm, our imaginings and our collaboration).

This is where you – our writerly comrades – come in. We need your help to get The Four Faced Liar into glorious print (turns out that whoever said print was in its death throes was – hallelujah! – lying to us) with a decent rate paid to contributors from Issue 1 onwards – no ifs or buts there.

So … if you love literature and art, and have a few euros to spare … If you’ve earned a little (or a lot) from your own writing/art and want to support emerging writers and artists to get their cherished words and images into print … If you think that anything that rises from the banks of the Lee must surely be worth a punt … Or if you simply feel some empathy for four optimistic souls who’re working long unpaid hours to bring this idea to fruition …

… then please go to our  page https://fundit.ie/project/the-four-faced-liar-issue-1 to make your donation, however small or large.  Oh, and just in case supporting The Four Faced Liar to take its first tentative steps isn’t reward enough, there are some goodies waiting for anyone who contributes €10 or more.

We promise that not a cent of your money will be wasted. We four founding editors have ideas, commitment, grit, passion and energy to burn. We are determined to seek out and nurture new writing and art – especially from members of communities less often championed or published, from voices that have to shout louder to be heard. We’ll connect with writers and artists and dreamers the length and breadth of Ireland and beyond.  We’ll bang drums and spread words. We’ll persuade, cajole and encourage you to send us your best, most exciting work.

The Four Faced Liar will publish:

  • Short stories
  • Flash fiction
  • Poetry
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Literary translation
  • Visual art
  • Photography
  • And any genre-busting offerings that float our boat and we believe will sail yours.

And because we know how much time, blood, sweat, tears, fears, hopes and dreams go into creating your work, we’ll pay generously, right from our first issue: €200 for short stories or creative nonfiction, €100 for flash, €100 for poetry, and €100 for visual art/photography.

All submissions will be read blind. No favours will be sought or granted – whoever you are, wherever you’re from, wherever you might be heading, however well- or ill-connected you might be, none of this will swing our decisions. All that matters is the flavour of your work.

And there’ll be no charge to submit to us, of course. We’re committed to joy, liberty and egalitarianism.

So, please read through our guidelines below and on www.the4facedliar.com, send us your perfectly-polished offerings during our first submission window – 15th May to 15th June – and if the four of us absolutely adore your work, we’ll print it.

Those of you who send us wonderfully engaging work that doesn’t quite make the cut, we’ll send you some encouragement and feedback. And everyone who submits will at least get a speedy acknowledgment.

We’re with you, by the way. We’re of you. We’re writers ourselves, trying to weave our words into the small spaces between our day jobs and our family-care commitments and all the pressing bustle and business of life. We know how hard it can be to find time and energy for creative work amidst the chaos and clutter of overstuffed days. We know what it is to experience those irksome crashes in self-belief. We know how it feels to get bounced from rejection to rejection and – yes – to feel like giving up sometimes, however deep our love for our art.

But we also know that air-punching, kitchen-dancing feeling when a resounding ‘yes’ (finally) pops up in the in-box. So we can’t wait to email out our first bunch of acceptances. We really want to see your pieces in print!

Issue One, to be published in the autumn, will feature a mix of guest contributors and your submitted pieces. Contributing writers confirmed so far include Danny Denton, Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe, Mary O’Donnell, and Jan Carson. The cover art will be by Shane O Driscoll. We can hardly wait for you to hold The Four Faced Liar in your hands and lap up the brilliant, barmy and beautiful words and images that will be nestled within.

We offer our heartfelt thanks in advance for any help you can give us. We’re all looking forward to whatever lies ahead, and hope you’ll stick with us throughout, whether as readers, writers, financial backers, or – better again – all three.

Finally, don’t forget to visit our website – www.the4facedliar.com – and check us out on Insta, Twitter and Facebook.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh!

Lucy @lucy_holme

Patch @hollowaywriter2

Rosie @rosiemor29

Steve @sbrophy85

(Oh, and just in case you mislaid it above, here’s that Fund it link again: https://fundit.ie/project/the-four-faced-liar-issue-1

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now open until June 15th! The Four Faced Liar can’t wait to receive your creations, whoever you are and wherever you’re based, whatever your experience. We are looking for work that is engaging, lyrical, humorous, and inspiring.

We’d love to see work from people typically under-represented in literary journals.

Previously unpublished work only.

We accept fiction and creative non-fiction (up to 4000 words); flash fiction (up to 1000 words); poetry (up to 3 pages); visual art (1 piece). Please send as one .doc or .docx attachment using the form provided.

Send us your work in translation in any category, with permission from the relevant publisher. Please include the original language text alongside.

Work should be in a readable font; single spaced for poetry and double spaced for fiction. Start each poem on a new page using line breaks.

We can only accept one submission per person, so please send us what you think is your best work.

Strong language or content is fine by us, but we have no time for writing that we view as exploitative, abusive, or discriminatory. Please include content warnings where relevant.

Please don’t include your name on the document as all submissions will be read blind.

We’re all writers and we all submit simultaneously, so please feel free to do the same. Just let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We believe writers and artists should get paid for the work they produce and we are delighted to offer payment of €200 for a short story or CNF piece, €100 for a poem or piece of flash, and €100 for visual art, as well as a copy of the magazine for each contributor.

Upon publication all rights revert to the author. Some work published in the magazine may appear on the website at a later date.

You should receive a response within six weeks of the end of the submission window and we strive – where possible – to offer constructive feedback and encouragement.

Submit here.

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