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Submissions Call: The Liminal Review

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Liminal Review


Submission Deadline: 31st of May 2021

The Liminal Review is now open for submissions from writers and artists in Ireland and the rest of the world. The Review is a new, Dublin-based print journal publishing two issues a year as well as the occasional themed “special issue”. The Review is looking for submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art.

What is The Liminal Review?

The Liminal Review is a literature and arts journal that is looking for the things that are made in the in-between spaces: abstract feelings, bent encounters, thoughts on anything. The things that don’t fully fit anywhere else, the things that are made in deserted places – this journal is looking to give them a home.

The Review has no concealed theme. Submissions are currently open for short prose, fiction, reviews, poetry, creative nonfiction, marginalia, photography, and illustrations. If you are unsure about what to send, there is a comprehensive list of beloved pieces from elsewhere on the website. If in doubt, just send it out, the editors would love to take a look at what you have so adoringly made.

The journal was founded in December 2020 by Alix Berber and Shauna Smullen, who met studying Creative Writing at university. The project emerged from a curiosity for the concept of liminal spaces, transition and temporality: themes that feel particularly pressing in times of pandemic when public spaces and spheres have become eerie and uncanny in their emptiness.

The Liminal Review is looking to publish what emerges. Liminality is familiar to everyone, even if the word might not be. Liminality is the experience of things in transition – a child leaving home, a car ride, or a journey within that leaves us changed. We all cross small and momentous thresholds every day without being conscious of the way they shape our perception of the world and ourselves. The Review is open to pieces that engage with the human condition in a playful way, always self-aware but curious of what lies beyond the immediately apparent.

Smullen and Berber are Dublin-based artists and writers looking to carve out a new space for overlooked creative voices in Ireland and beyond. The ambiguity of the journal’s theme is deliberate, empowering emerging voices and creatives to experiment and share pieces that might go beyond the scope of more traditional markets.

To facilitate this, the editors are planning to (on occasion) offer no-/low-cost clinics and workshops for artists and writers who might not be versed or immersed in the world of literary journals and their production and function. Updates on these and other opportunities will be posted on the website or Twitter. The Liminal Review is committed to fair and equal access to all those interested, no matter their background or previous publication history.

Calls for contributions to the yearly “special issue” will be announced with rolling submissions. These issues will be based on themes from art, cinema, culture and the digital reality we all find ourselves in.

Terms and Conditions

Writers and artists are asked to submit to only one category (Poetry or Fiction or Nonfiction or Art) per submission period to liminalreview [at] gmail. com

Simultaneous submissions are welcome but writers are asked to please inform the editors immediately if a piece has been accepted for publication elsewhere.

New and original work that is submitted must not have been previously published (this includes personal blogs, self-publishing etc).

The Liminal Review is currently run without any outside funding and is of now unable to pay contributors. It’s the journal’s explicit goal to be able to offer contributors payment in the future. Featured writers and artists will receive a contributor copy.

All writers and artists are asked to include a short (50-100 words) third-person biographical note in the body of the email when submitting.

Please send your poetry, fiction and nonfiction submissions as one .docx attachment.

Full publishing rights revert back to the author upon publication. The editors would only ask to have The Liminal Review acknowledged as first place of publication if a piece is later included in a larger body of work, (e.g. an anthology, a full-length book, etc.)

The Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

Poetry: Please send 1-5 poems.

Fiction: Please send one piece, double spaced, of a maximum of ~5 000 words.

Nonfiction: Please send one piece of a maximum of ~5 000 words.

Art: Please send us samples of your work. (Illustration, photography, marginalia, etc.)

The Review is committed to a fair editorial process which includes a reasonable response time to your submission of around 3-4 weeks once submissions close. As a very small team, the editors are unable to offer any editorial feedback towards unsuccessful submissions at present.

See here for more information on The Liminal Review and submissions.

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