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Submissions Call: The Mercier Press

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Submissions Deadline: Open

Ireland’s oldest independent publishing house, Mercier Press has announced that it is to re-commence publishing fiction. The company has a long history of publishing successful authors in the fiction genre including John B. Keane, Terry Prone, . Over the years a number of Mercier titles have been made into movies, the best known being The Field and Durango, with more recent titles such as The Book of Learning being optioned.

Managing Director Mary Feehan said, ‘Fiction is a very popular genre, but, it is also the most competitive. The Irish fiction market is dominated by UK publishers and Mercier wanted to give aspiring authors an Irish platform to bring their work into the public domain.’

In recent years the company has only published children’s fiction. However, Mercier will publish three fiction titles in 2018, The Book of Revenge by E.R. Murray, Cethan Leahy’s Tuesdays Are Just As Bad and The All-Ireland by Tadhg Coakley.

Terms and Conditions

Mercier Press is currently accepting submissions in the following genres:

Fiction: Adult and YA

Non-Fiction: History, Biography, Sport, Politics, Memoir & Autobiography, Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Business

We ONLY accept submissions (in Word or Google Docs format) that meet the following requirements:

  • include a short author biography with details of your social media profiles, websites and details of any previous books you have had published
  • include a one-page synopsis of the book
  • include a minimum of an introduction and the first three chapters
  • only by email to commissioning@mercierpress.ie

Before you submit:

In order to avoid disappointment please note the following:

  • We will not accept submissions that have been previously self-published
  • We do not accept submission by post.  Any postal submissions received will not be considered and will be destroyed within one calendar month of receipt

Each submission is reviewed carefully by a member of our editorial team. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, however, it is not possible to comment on each submission individually. Please allow at least three months for a response.

Writers that are interested in submitting their manuscripts for consideration will find the details on www.mercierpress.ie

Mercier Press is Ireland's oldest independent publishing house, based in Cork. It was founded in 1944 by Captain Seán and Mary Feehan. The publishing house was named after Cardinal Mercier of Belgium, a man who in his day, proved himself not only a man of thought, whose mind ranged over every subject of vital interest to humanity, but a man of action in the varying circumstances of a life that shone before the eyes of a watching world. The voice of Cardinal Mercier could not be stilled and Mercier Press is proud to borrow from him the inspiration for its publishing programme, which is a belief in the importance of Ireland's ability to provide accessible histories and cultural books for Irish readers and all who are interested in Irish cultural life.