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Submissions Call: The Passage Between

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Passage Between


Submissions deadline: open

The Passage Between is a transatlantic anthology founded by two close friends that found themselves separated by the Atlantic. We mix the literary movements of Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada (and others) to create a truly unique anthology that compares and contrasts these meccas of art and creativity. What makes a poet American? What makes a short story distinctly Irish? We explore the relationships that connect and divide us in this globalized world. Based in Dublin, Ireland and Iowa, U.S.A, we shed light on the freshest, boldest, and brightest voices by breaking down every boundary in the written word.

The Passage Between has printed its first volume in 2018. We are currently looking for submissions for volume III. We accept submissions anytime from the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (and other countries). We are looking for fresh voices that test the boundaries of the written word. If you have a poem, short story, art, or true story to share please email us at thepassagebetween@gmail.com or by post:

The Passage Between
Block T
8 Basin View
D08 H2H9

Please note that all postal submissions won’t be returned (so make a copy for yourself before you send them).
Make sure that all work is previously unpublished. Please include the author’s name, city, and country. If your work is chosen we will send you a copy of our anthology. If your work was not chosen for our current publication it will be archived for a chance to be featured in a later volume.

Poetry: Up to five poems may be submitted in a word document format to our email. Choose those poems that come straight from the soul, those that are hidden in the back of your notebook, those that give you goosebumps long after you have finished writing them.

Short Stories: Two stories with a max of 2000 words may be submitted in a word document format to our email. We are looking for fictional stories in all genres. Stories that explore the intensity of the human experience- love, death, fantasy, obsession, and everything in between.

Art: Artwork may be sent as a jpeg or png attachment to our email. It must be black and white. It can be photography, painting, traditional or digital art, or sculpture. Please make sure all work is created by you.

True Stories: We are looking for short true stories that come from your life. These are short and powerful observations, experiences, and challenges that you have faced or overcome. These should be 2000 words max and sent in a word document format. Please include a photograph if it adds to the story.

Personals: Picture that one friend that moved away when you were eight, that lost love that relocated abroad, that one person you lost touch with but still occasionally stalk on social media- we want to reconnect you. If you have a friend or loved one that lives in another country, write them a letter and email it to us at thepassagebetween@gmail.com with the subject “Personals” for a chance to be featured and a copy of our magazine sent to both you and your friend.

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