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Submissions Call: Vulpine Press

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Submissions deadline: open

Vulpine Press is a UK-based publisher of high quality fiction, personal non-fiction and various other titles that smartly straddle genres.

We grew as an imprint from Ockham Publishing, the independent pop-science and pop-philosophy publisher, as it became apparent that there is a need for a publisher who deals with similarly new and important ideas outside of academic genres. The sheer number of interesting, innovative ideas Ockham was turning down became too much for us to bear, and as a result Vulpine Press was born.

Ever since, we have proudly published titles that stand out across the spectrum, from apocalyptic fiction and thrillers to educative children’s fiction.

We are currently inviting submissions that fulfil our simple criteria of either doing something different and interesting, or doing something so exceptionally well that it becomes such. We have no tight sets of genres that we accept, but rather we look for titles of any type that fit our mission statement and excite our team of talented commissioners.

See here for further information and submissions form.