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The Three Essentials Every Writer Should Do by Robert Craven

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Robert Craven

Robert Craven

With Covid-19 forcing more and more people to remain at home, contact, and interaction as an author with your marketplace is more relevant today than ever. You have an opportunity now, as a writer to engage with an audience, in effect; kick open an already open door.

I get from time-to-time requests from other authors about generating business and improving sales so I’ve put three essentials to generate more interest in what you do and that will lead to sales

  1. Never underestimatea mailshot – email is more relevant today with so many people self-isolating/remote working. Think of creating a newsletter and get into the habit of sending one on a regular basis. Always in the subject line highlight ‘Mailshot’ / (& or) ‘Newsletter’. After receiving 90 or so daily work-related emails, this may offer a break and possibly a pause for a coffee to read something other than a sales report or request for a status update.
  2. Its time to start thinking of your book as a product for sale. I once knew a brilliant musician living in a dingy bedsit who regularly turned down lucrative session work because it was somehow ‘grubby‘ and not ‘pure enough’ – fine, I respect artistic integrity but if it adds an extra bar to your electric heater in your room, you should at least consider it. Set up a Facebook page for your books, through FB there are options to advertise. With my latest book, Eagles Hunt Wolves it has its own page, and as well as a mailshot which was the book’s press release, I paid about €40.00 ($45.00) on a FB ad that ran for three weeks before the novel’s release.


  1. Invest in a website – WIX is very good and I have put the site address into my email signature. My signature is on every correspondence and reflects how serious you are as a writer. If this appears with your newsletter/mailshot update, it bolsters you as a salesperson and may generate a sale. (and make sure the website appears in all of your social media profiles too!)

Here it is: https://www.robert-cravenauthor.ie/ it has pages that divert directly to my books but also compatible pages that offer a wider appeal – consider your site as a dragnet trawling through the ocean, gathering clicks to your work.

As more and more people move to social media platforms, I have 3 – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I try to keep LinkedIn more for job-hunting, but with more professionals staying home, if you have blogs or great five-star reviews they are worth linking to your site and then share across the platforms.

These three essential steps will act as a bread crumb trail and lead your market to your Amazon site / Kobo or Smashwords books.

Remember – stay safe!

(c) Robert Craven

About Eagles Hunt Wolves:

For fans of John le Carre, Mick Herron, Ian Fleming, Phillip K Dick and Alastair Maclean – meet Eva Molenaar.1946: The guns have fallen silent over Europe.For now.Searching for her lover Nicklaus Brandt after a mission three years earlier with the French Resistance in Lyon, Eva finds herself in lawless war-torn Berlin.Reunited with her old MI6 handler, Henry Chainbridge, she finds Brandt in a secret holding cell for Allied Intelligence in the British Sector of Berlin.He has information vital to the Allies.Hitler’s last offering; a vengeance weapon of frightening capabilities is now in the hands of the reclusive American billionaire Edgar Halidane and his cadre of fanatics.Under the aegis of Allied command, Eva is dispatched to investigate and finds herself battling with old enemies who have taken the embers of Hitler’s vision and plan to re-ignite a divided Europe.And pays a heavy price on her last mission.It began with Get Lenin and now ends with Eagles Hunt Wolves.

About the author

My name is Robert Craven, born July 2nd 1966 and currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I started writing in my teens, short stories, poems, song ideas as I was playing bass in various bands around the city. A part-time course in journalism led to ten years working in publishing; from there I decided I’d love to write. I had a short story published in 1991 in FTL magazine titled ‘The Chase’.
I grew up loving the books by Alastair Maclean, Gerald Seymour, Fredrick Forsyth, Jack Higgins and Robert Harris and The wartime adventures of Eva Molenaar is my contribution to the genre.

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