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Turning Your Written Words to Author Success on Screen by Lottie Hearn

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Lottie Hearn

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So your book is written, published, launched… You’re a bestseller in your local bookstore, you’re sharing your articles with the local press and online… But for some reason you’re not getting the traction you want to reach out further… At your wits-end, you wonder “what else can I do?”

This is where creating your own social video, virtual meetings, Vmails and Vlogs comes in.

Now online video IS the quickest and easiest way (honestly, with a little camera-fear-facing and judgement vs. perception realisations!) to connect and build your author community and Tribe, but you need to understand that the way in which you create and write your video stories is different to how you write for the page.

The first rule of Author Confidence on Camera is that it’s about the conversation on camera, not the writing! 7 writing tips for Video Verbal Impact here are:

  • It’s not writing how it reads – video scripts are what you’d really say.
  • Stop telling, start sharing stories.
  • Stop showing off! Keep it simple, avoid literary lingo.
  • Stop pondering to make it perfect, start improvising on a core newspaper headline
  • Stop writing, start chatting – over and over – film every rehearsal on camera!
  • Top and Tail wrap your core video theme and draw us in with your author intrigue…

Lottie Hearn headshot

“But how do I start?”

Think of your reader – how can you help / serve / support them even better?
What are you offering them that will make their life better/ richer/ easier/ more colourful, more…? What story can you deliver in an exciting, enticing, intriguing, enlightening or entertaining way?

Your video script is simply a one-to-one chat connection with an individual viewer. It needs to be confident, intimate, and real – and you need to be the best, confident YOU to make it so… But in the end, focus on them, not on you.

So think of an idea or story to empower viewers – from your book, writing or tips for other writers or clients in business… Now pick up a camera and simply chat about it… Think of talking to your favourite, real person on the other side of the screen – this is how you connect through the camera with the appropriate energy level rather than staring, glaze-eyed at it. The mean-machines- camera-and-screen ‘steal’ 30%+ of your energy just by projecting you 2D, so boost your performance levels when presenting.

And if you ‘go wrong’ – simply keep going to the end. No one will know unless you panic and show us and it could be great! Your confidence to carry on can make you more relatable and real, so stop judging yourself as ‘wrong’. Leave your ego at home, learn to laugh at yourself or you’ll never be happy with what you do. And please find the times to SMILE on screen – even if your writing is deadly serious, you don’t always have to be!

You only get comfortable by doing, but your Mind-Muscle-Memory is mighty powerful once you know how. So:

  • be the Confident, Credible, Charismatic person you already are in your own way
  • be who your viewer needs you to be to believe in, trust and like you
  • choose the main ‘mood’ you want to portray – use exercises in my book and online at Confidenceon.Camera to learn how to do so.

It’s what I call your emotional connection and it’s all based on performance skills I’ve developed as an actor, TV presenter, business person and trainer, which I’ve used to train TV and professional presenters and speakers across the world. Now it’s in an interactive guidebook to learn by reading, doing and building your own online workbook (free for anyone to help build my loyal community – according to new online marketing advice, give away lots of ‘help’ for free!).

And then you set yourself up appropriately (details are in the book/ online) and start filming – again and again! Get used to being on your own camera and realise that you cannot please every viewer all the time… So please yourself, trust yourself, be kind to you and look for what works for you on screen, rather than slamming yourself for any habits or ticks you don’t like. You’ll always spot those, so get over them! Learn to #BeFlawsome on screen = have your flaws and do them Awesome J

Performing globally on stage and screen, working and living in Asia and Australia before Ireland, my on-camera motto fast became “Stuff Up with Confidence… and Get Over It!” The sooner we all realise it’s OK to be human on screen, to mess up and simply carry on, the sooner presenting can #StayPlayful and fun. And we like a bit of fun! Think which videos get more shares and what do you prefer – totally serious or interactive smiling business videos? Even when video training a specific difficult skill, you are allowed to #PressPlayPresent on screen! You can still come across as professional, when you dress the part, but please never be dull…

Finally, remember your Call To Action – CTA – tell us what you want us to do after watching you?
Yes, your video IS ultimately for your viewer, not for you (because THEY choose to watch, not you!), but they do need to know what they can do for you at the end… Buy / Subscribe / Connect to you?

You’re never going to build your Writer Tribe these days without putting yourself out there, so get out from behind your keyboard… Now is THE time to press play as author, speaker, video star – learn to PIY (Present It Yourself), film DIY social media with smartphones and promote your own Author Success on Screen with Confidence on Camera!

(c) Lottie Hearn

About Confidence on Camera

Why You Need Confidence On Camera. . .Video has become the fastest growing marketing tool of our age. Whether for business or personal promotion, smartphones and webcams now enable anyone to connect facetoface across the world. But how well do you present on screen? It’s time to overcome your fears, learn what works for you, what not to do and get your message across with Confidence, Credibility and Charisma. Whether you are the expert in your field, the face of your team or attending an online interview, you need to be ‘real’ for your viewer. Now you can learn how. Confidence on Camera is the ultimate guide for you the online presenter. Plan, present and project your power on any size screen.

Pick up your copy online here!

About the author

Lottie Hearn is the author of a brand new book “Confidence on Camera: 7 Steps to Present your Power on any Size Screen” and website www.ConfidenceOn.Camera to help you overcome fears and learn to plan, present and promote your author promo videos and virtual meetings across the globe. Connect via Twitter @pressplaypres
She is also 2015-16 President of the Professional Speaking Association Ireland Branch: http://www.thepsa.co.uk/regions/ireland-region/     |   https://www.facebook.com/psaireland

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