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Firestone Feinberg

Verse-Virtual is an a new ezine of eclectic poetry brought together by Firestone Feinberg, Editor. Here he tells you a little about the journal:
QUESTION: How does a high school music teacher become a poetry journal editor?
ANSWER: Easy.  He just does.
Okay, it’s really not that simple.  He has to be retired — so he has plenty of free time to devote to working on the journal; he has to be sixty-three years old, live in New York City, have been married for forty-two years, have two sons, and a grandson too…  Did I mention that he has to be fiercely courageous (in order to deal with eccentric writers)? or that he has to appear to be unerringly diplomatic (which doesn’t come easily)? or that he absolutely must thrive on good poetry? Well, I just did and he does.
Verse-Virtual is an Ezine of eclectic poetry which I lovingly own and edit.  Although the magazine has had only two (monthly) issues thus far, it has a slightly longer history.
I started V-V in December 2013 as an online venue for a small group of outstanding contemporary poets. My aim was simple: to help these talented persons by publishing their work.  I chose the member-poets in various ways: some I knew personally, some I met on the Internet, and some I ‘discovered’ by  circumstance.  The writers continually supplied me with poetry, and I published it on a rolling basis.  I tried, above all, to make Verse-Virtual feel like a community.
After about six months I felt the need to do more to help writers;  thence the idea of a journal format. Even though I have produced only two (monthly) issues, the magazine is a success.  By way of Google Analytics I see that we have a healthy number of visitors and pageviews.  People have come to the site from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, India, Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Ethiopia — and the list goes on.
During its brief second incarnation, Verse-Virtual has already published the work of roughly thirty excellent poets. I have kept the original design-layout which emphasizes the poems themselves and nothing else.  There are no ads.
The complete submission guidelines are posted on the V-V website.  Briefly, I seek work that is brilliant and singular.  I look for short-to-medium-length poems of diverse styles — in classical forms and free-verse.
I want community.  I want writers to read each other’s work.  I value an exchange of commentary and ideas between writers.  I encourage these. (It is upsetting to me that in many cases writers don’t even look at each other’s work — while sharing the same venue. If we don’t  want to read each other’s writing, then how can we possibly expect total strangers to want to read ours?)

Anyhow, if I haven’t yet alienated you altogether, I can further alienate you if you visit the website:… I’m just kidding.  I welcome you.  Dearly.

Submission Guidelines:

If you are a writer and would like to submit some of your original poetry for possible publication on the Verse-Virtual website, please:

–Send from three to five poems in the body of an email AND also in an attached document (doc, rtf, odt) to

–Write ‘POEMS’ in the subject line of the email

–Write your name, address, phone number (these will not be published), email address, and a short bio (three sentences in the first person) at the top of the email (these will be published). And if you want to — please include any links to other websites where your poetry is published.

–Send poems in any style or form (from formal-metrical verse to free verse)

–Send poems without peculiar formatting or fancy fonts or pictures; all poems should be single-spaced and aligned with the left-hand margin

–Send poems of short or medium length — generally no longer than 36 lines

–Send poems that speak honestly, that are unusual, that have personality and meaning

–Send humorous poems — I welcome them

–Don’t send any poems with ‘adult’ content.

–Don’t send adolescent love poems, self-pitying poems, overly intellectual poems, wordy poems, or poems which make use of gratuitous profanity.

–Don’t send poems which have anti-social or violent content.

–Don’t send multiple submissions; please wait until you hear from me before submitting again.

–Simultaneous submissions are fine.

–Reprints (poems that have been published before) are fine.

–Copyright of all written material at all times belongs to the author.

–I try to respond to submissions very quickly — often on the same day.

I regret that I cannot offer any payment to writers.  (I fund this site at my own expense.)  There are no submission fees of any sort whatsoever.

I welcome your submissions and your suggestions.

–Firestone Feinberg, Editor

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