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What if YOU Spoke: Online Writing Masterclasses for 15-25 Year Olds

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A new programme of writing masterclasses aimed at 15-25 year olds, has been released this month. What if YOU Spoke is led by Libraries Unlimited in Devon UK,  in partnership with Pen to Print, University of Exeter, Africa Writes & Literature Works as part of Exeter UNESCO City of Literature – and the masterclasses are fabulous, well worth a watch whatever your age!

Empowering the next generation of writers to share their voices and get writing, Libraries Unlimited have released a series of classes led by some of today’s most inspirational voices.

Initiated by Devon (UK) libraries, pre-recorded writing classes are now available online for free, with each class culminating in a competition for Devon residents aged 15-25.

The diverse range of 60-90 minute classes include the following topics and presenters:

  • Ali May on Life Writing and Journalism
  • Filmmaker, critic and feature writer Ashish Ghadiali on finding the thread of a good story
  • Starting your first novel with Derek Owusu
  • Illustrator and graphic novelist Joff Winterhart teaching Comic book writing
  • Finding your inner voice and writing for children with author and performance poet Laura Dockrill
  • A text and image masterclass working with print, banners, placards and painting by Rudy Loewe
  • Steven Camden (Polarbear), one of the most respected spoken word artists in the UK, will help the participants to realise that stories are everywhere and it’s up to us to discover them to tell.
  • Acclaimed spoken word poet, Deanna Rodger teaches form in poetry
  • Short story writer Kirsty Logan teaching short story writing
  • Zakiya Mackenzie teaches writing nature and uncertainty

Sessions are broken down into bite size lessons, allowing participants to complete at their own pace. View them here:

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