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When You Don’t Feel Good Enough: Really Useful Links by Paul Anthony Shortt

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This article is presented to highlight Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.

Last year I entered treatment for anxiety and depression. One of the major triggers for my depression was, and still is, my feelings about my writing career. That is, I felt I wasn’t enough. Not working enough. Not promoting enough. Not deserving enough.

This is a rough business. Even aside from competing with Netflix and YouTube, reader attention is at a premium. It can be exhausting and deflating to consider how much the odds are stacked against us. And that’s just trying to get noticed in the first place. When you’ve received a little attention from readers, promoters, publishers, or agents, and then you don’t get the result you were hoping for, it can crush you.

So this week I’m offering up some links to advice on how to handle that sense of rejection and work on some much-needed self-care.

1: The Bulletproof Writer – First up is Joanna Penn, looking at rejection of every type from publishers to sales. She advises you on some strategies to respond to, and cope with, the inevitable.

2: 25 Things Writers Should Know About Rejection – It’s been a while since I featured Chuck Wendig, but this older article of his reminds me how I can always turn to him for advice, no matter what’s going on in my career.

3: 5 Simple Mental Health Tips for Creative Writers – There are times when you can afford to dwell on circumstance, but this isn’t healthy long-term. Neither is beating yourself up. Eventually you need to get back to work, and to do that you first need a plan for self-care.

4: What to Do When Your Book Doesn’t Sell – The title of this article might be a bit confusing, because it’s referring to ‘sell’ in the sense of a publisher offering you a deal for your book. It can be horribly demoralising to think of all the time you’ve lost and things you’ve sacrificed, only to get nothing in return. So check out this list of things to help keep yourself together.

5: What to Do When Your Book Isn’t Selling – Here’s why I needed to make the title distinction; this article is about how to respond when you see your published book just isn’t making its way up the charts. Is the market too small? Do you need a change in publicity?

6: Betterhelp.com – I know all too well that there are times when everything becomes too much, and you need the help of a professional. But modern life doesn’t offer a lot of time for treatment, which can run quite costly. Better Help offers private online counselling at a good price, at a time and place to suit your needs.

That’s all for this week. Take care of yourselves.

(c) Paul Anthony Shortt

Paul Anthony Shortt believes in magic and monsters; in ghosts and fairies, the creatures that lurk under the bed and inside the closet. The things that live in the dark, and the heroes who stand against them. Above all, he believes that stories have the power to change the world, and the most important stories are the ones which show that monsters can be beaten. Paul's work includes the Memory Wars Trilogy and the Lady Raven Series. His short fiction has appeared in the Amazon #1 bestselling anthology, Sojourn Volume 2. Website: http://www.paulanthonyshortt.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pashortt Twitter: @PAShortt Paul has a Patreon where you can help support his work, here: https://www.patreon.com/paulanthonyshortt