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Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin

Writing.ie was thrilled recently to win EU Business News Magazine’s prestigious award for Best Digital Writing Resource, on top of the Blogger Awards (silver and gold) that we have won previously. We were also shortlisted in the Eircom Spider Awards for Best Culture website twice. We have over 100,000 views a month and update our content daily with a view to providing informative and useful articles by writers for writers, at every stage of their career.

But what’s in it for you?

Writing.ie is all about providing free resources to writers, whatever stage of their career they are at, and in whatever area they are writing. As writers, we have all benefited from the expertise and experience of others and our fantastic contributors are paying that forward with every article. It does not matter who you are, or what your personal circumstances, it’s vital to us that all the information and learning tools we publish are the best available, offer sound advice and are freely accessible to all.

Our own team has huge experience in all areas of publishing and self publishing – a unique 360 degree industry knowledge. We provide one to one consultancy and support through Inkwell, but we’re always here to answer your questions through our contact forms. We regularly get media inquiries relating to writing and are able to hook journalists up with specific authors or authors who are experts in a particular field. We’re often cited as the go-to place for information on writing in Ireland, but we have visitors from all over the world – approximately 30% from Ireland; 30% from the UK and 40% from the rest of the world – from Sweden to India to the United States.

Initially built with a very welcome one-off grant from The Arts Council Ireland and private investment, we don’t have any ongoing state funding so crucially it is our fantastic users who help keep us going, through advertising and membership. We’ve designed our member section to meet members needs: we are regularly visited by publishing professionals on the look out for new talent and our Emerging Writer section is designed to show off your work. Our author section showcases our authors’ publications, while letting visitors know if they are available for talks or workshops.

As well as a their own page on Writing.ie, which is highly ranked with Google, members have access to our members’ blog to promote their work and highlight activities, plus access to the events section to let visitors know what they are doing. We’ve recently negotiated a great range of member discounts with partner organisations and availing of these will make your membership very cost effective! The Member Benefits section will grow over time – if you wish to offer a discount to our members on your product or service, do get in touch. Here is the current selection of offers: join up to avail of the discounts!

The Bookseller 50% OFF Subscription Offer: By far the best way to keep ahead of the latest publishing industry news is with a subscription to The Bookseller, the trade magazine. Published weekly, it’s packed full of deal news, trade announcements, literary agent moves and looks to the future. Members of Writing.ie can now get a 50% off subscription deal.

10% off Professional Writing Academy Online Courses: The Professional Writing Academy is an online education company specialising in teaching all sorts of people how to develop their writing skills and creativity. Their courses have been tried and tested in universities, businesses and publishing houses.

The PWA offer courses for novelists, short story writers, business writers, family historians, filmmakers and scriptwriters around the world. Courses are tightly structured and demanding – but fun. Most are delivered from their bespoke interactive online classroom and range from one-off workshops to six-month courses and intensive mentoring – for beginners and advanced writers. They also work with organisations and businesses to develop specialist online courses for employees or clients.

The Professional Writing Academy are offering Writing.ie members 10% off their own and the John Yorke courses. Full details of their courses can be found here on Writing.ie or at their website – click here to visit.

10% off at The Story Gift website (look at those literary hampers!): The Story Gift is an online literary gift company that provides bookish delights to readers and writers alike. Their beautiful literary hampers, their trademark, feature various themes from Jane Austen to Sherlock Holmes. Whether it’s a stylish candle, a patterned book sleeve or handy tote bag, there are treasures that would make any bibliophiles heart leap with joy. Check out www.thestorygift.co.uk

2 Weeks Free Featured Book Advertising on Writing.ie worth just over €30.00. Use the coupon code in the member section at checkout when booking. Your book cover will show as part of our FEATURED BOOKS panel on the home page for two weeks. Link to your Amazon page or the sales page on your website. We’d highly recommend adding a flash to your book cover with Click Here to Buy or a special offer price if it’s part of a deal.

20% off Scivener: Scivener are giving a 20% discount especially for Writing.ie members. An essential tool used by many writers, find out how bestseller Alex Barclay uses it here.

Most writers rely on a word processing program, in most cases Word, either for Windows or Mac. Word is comprehensive and useful software, but it’s not made specifically for writers. The same is true for any other word processing program you might be using. Scrivener, on the other hand, is made exclusively for writers. So, when you sit down to do your writing, you can simply click on Scrivener rather than Word.

One of the biggest challenges facing writers is to stay on track and achieve daily goals. Scrivener has several features that help you do just that. You can set targets for words or characters for each writing session and view how far you are from your objective. You can set Project Targets for both individual sessions and the entire project. For example, if you’re writing a 100,000-word novel and aim to write at least 1,000 words per session, you can always check to see what you’ve accomplished so far.

Scrivener also gives you a way to block out distractions. If you’re like many people, you’re constantly tempted by social media, email and the latest headlines streaming across the web. When you want to focus solely on your writing project, you simply enter Full-Screen mode (for Windows) or Composition mode (for Mac). You’ll only be able to see your writing screen in this mode. You can also edit the background and images to whatever helps you concentrate best.

Storyboarding is a technique many writers use to organize the chapters or scenes in their book (or script). The traditional, pre-internet way to do this was to write out scenes on index cards. That way, you can look at individual scenes and decide which order to put them in.

Scrivener comes in both Mac and PC versions. The Mac version is compatible with Intel-based Apple operating systems 10.6.7 (AKA Snow Leopard) or later.

There’s also a recently added iOS version, so you can use Scrivener on your iPhone or iPad. The PC version is compatible with all popular Windows platforms, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

20% off Books Ireland : Established in 1976 Books Ireland is Ireland’s longest-running book magazine. Published bi-monthly, it is dedicated to showcasing and reviewing the vibrant range of Irish literature being published at home and abroad. Books Ireland offers a range of features, reviews, listings and opinions from ‘the world of Irish books’. They cover circa. 1000 Irish books each year and are the only publication that guarantees to list every new Irish title submitted. Now available in digital format via mobile app and desktop reader – Writing.ie members can save 20% on annual subscription with their Spring Offer to 31st May 2019.

10% discount on book cover & web design at Design for Writers. Trust your work to the leaders in book design for almost a decade, with hundreds of happy writers and publishers worldwide. Work with their award-winning team, boost sales and make your book – and website – beautiful. Writing.ie members can benefit from a 10% discount on book design and web design packages.

Interested in joining and helping us to deliver the quality content we’re known for?

Emerging Writer Membership is only €35.00 per year, author membership €55.00 and if you want to list courses or workshops, join as an organisation member for €75 per year. All memberships are an annual subscription to help us keep the paperwork to a minimum. If you’re an author or organisation, it’s tax deductible!

Adrian White, an author with over thirty years experience as a bookseller, is editor of Writing.ie. He adds: “Writing is a solitary activity, so it’s invaluable to know you have a dependable support base available, there for when you need it. The Writing.ie member community is just that: a resource to help you become a professional writer, as good as you can be.”

Click here to find out more and join our tribe. 


About the author

Writing.ie has been developed and is run by Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin who founded The Inkwell Group publishing consultancy and is Ireland’s leading literary scout. Vanessa is represented by literary agent Simon Trewin and writes crime as Sam Blake. LITTLE BONES was published by Bonnier May 2016, followed by IN DEEP WATER and NO TURNING BACK. Vanessa is the Chair of Irish PEN and the Irish and Eurozone Adviser to the international organisation The Alliance of Independent Authors.

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