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Words as Medicine – Affirmations (Part 1) by Abby Wynne

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Abby Wynne

Abby Wynne

We’ve all done it – seen an affirmation, thought it was nice, and said it a few times to try to believe it. Usually what happens next is we become distracted and move on to something else, the power of the affirmation completely lost upon us, the words, now meaningless.

Some of us may have gone a little further with affirmations and looked ourselves in the mirror to try to say something encouraging; choosing a nice affirmation that again, we liked, and wanted to believe (but didn’t really believe). We repeated it a few times whilst trying to avoid eye contact with ourselves, or to actually notice our own face, then gave up and went on to something else.

Very few of us have taken an affirmation and said it with deep meaning, realised that we didn’t actually mean it and decided that we wanted to be able to say it, and mean it. Fewer still have sat down with the part of us that really didn’t mean it and ask it “Why? Why don’t I believe that I could be happy? Why don’t I think that I deserve to be loved?”

As writers, words are our business. With words we carve immense landscapes out of our imaginations and bring them to life. With the words that we choose we animate characters, solve mysteries and design situations that make and break hearts, both our own, and those of our readers. The words that we use bring our stories to life to such an extent that a perfect stranger can disappear from their own lives for a while and step into another dimension, and upon returning, become changed somehow. I know for me, that’s my writing dream; to create a space for someone to feel safe enough to allow emotions to arise, to activate their own thoughts and dreams, and change their perspectives, to visit my world and be changed a little bit to perhaps see their own world in a different light. If you’re an author too, I can guess you’d not be adverse to your work also having this affect upon your own readers.

I digress, but not by too much. You understand the power of words when strung together to create a magical landscape, or to tell a tale. But perhaps you’ve never really thought about the power that lies in just one sentence, until you remember that time your father said you’d never amount to much. Or the time your friend at school said she didn’t like you anymore. Or you read a bad review of your work online. Those words stung you, cut into you, and are possibly still alive within you somewhere, draining energy from you. Maybe that’s the part of you that still says today, “I don’t believe that I could ever be happy” or “I’m unlovable”.

My One Day at a Time Diary 2021 is filled with powerful sentences that I call affirmations because they are affirming something. There isn’t quite one per day, but there are at least 3-5 per week. I don’t want you to grab today’s affirmation and say it in hushed tones 5 or 6 times without really meaning it as you stir your tea and plan your day. No, that’s not medicinal, although your tea could be. I want you to work a little harder, but of course, you must agree to it. The transformational, medicinal power of affirmations is within your grasp, if you just open your mind and give it a try.

Here, choose an affirmation from this short list (all of these are in the 2021 diary, plus many, many more):

I release myself from my expectations of myself

I completely accept myself just as I am

I am learning how to trust myself more

I invite joy and love into my life

Now say your chosen sentence out loud and hear what it sounds like. Do you say it strongly with self-belief, or did it sound more like a question? Say it again and ask yourself afterwards if you believe what you’ve just said, and if you do, do you believe it 100% or just 80%? Do you really release yourself from your expectations of yourself? Think about it, you might need to sit with it for a few days. Seriously! These affirmations are frequencies, vibrations, notes, music, and unless you are in harmony with the music, it will create discordance within. Ask yourself are you really inviting joy and love into your life, or do you just think you are, while subconsciously you’re actually pushing it away? Ask yourself if you really want to learn how to trust yourself more? If not, then why not?

These affirmations I offer are not clichéd namby-pamby statements that are pretty and nice, they’re real, solid affirmations that you can really make to yourself. Which is why you need to be discerning when choosing which one to work with. They can be a platform from which to live your life, forming something solid deep within you that you can always depend upon.

Imagine what your life would look like if you completely accepted yourself, just as you are, without needing to change or fix anything. Are you there now?

You know when you’re kidding yourself. So let’s not do that anymore. Instead, look at what is real for you, take the reason why you can’t do it out and put it on the table and see if it’s as big and horrible as you thought it was. I know that when most people do this they discover with delight that it’s only a small thing that’s holding them back. Usually a flippant comment from a friend or a family member that was not meant to cut as deeply as it did. Something that only the responsible adult you has the healing balm for, and can offer it compassionately to inner teenage you, or inner child you, with love.

I’m not making you look in the mirror to try to convince yourself of anything. You don’t have to look in a mirror at all. But if, when you’re rushing out of the house and need to check your hair, you were able to stop for a moment and catch your reflection, and, without turning away in embarrassment you could smile at yourself, look in your own eyes and say  “I completely accept myself, just as I am in this moment”, and know that you meant it, wouldn’t that feel really, really good?

(c) Abby Wynne


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About the author

Abby Wynne is the bestselling author of the “One Day at a Time Diary 2021” which is available both online and in all good Irish bookstores. She is a healer who blends Shamanism, Psychotherapy and Energy Healing in a unique way to empower and heal her readers and clients. Abby offers her healing to the world through books, healing sessions, and online programmes. Abby’s based in Ireland and lives with her husband, 4 children, and her dog Milo. Look out for her new book, Planting the Seeds, which is a combination of healing poetry, short stories and prayers. Abby offers you many ways to feel supported while you are on your path of healing and empowerment. You can find Abby on her website www.abby-wynne.com

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