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Words as Medicine – Affirmations (Part 2) by Abby Wynne

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Abby Wynne

Abby Wynne

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Last time I gave you 4 affirmations from my One Day at a Time 2021 Healing Diary and I asked you to choose 1 and find out if you could say it, and mean it 100%. Here they are again:

I release myself from my expectations of myself

I completely accept myself just as I am

I am learning how to trust myself more

I invite joy and love into my life

As a therapist I believe that if you can work towards believing all 4 of these 100% then you’re doing your life’s work. The process I gave you in part 1 was to take one of these and ask yourself all the reasons why you don’t believe it, and then work with those reasons to transform them. However, as a therapist, I know that working just with the mind is not enough. We need to also work with our hearts.

Take that last affirmation – inviting joy and love into our lives is something our minds truly believe we are doing all the time, but a broken heart could be shut down, small, and still crying out “No, not yet, I need more time.” Some people believe that they cannot be joyful when there is so much pain in the world, however that is a thought. Bringing it into your body and deep inside your heart, your heart could hold a fear that joy will be overwhelming and it, your beautiful heart, won’t have the capacity to hold it. Your heart could be pushing  away joy because the last time you felt joyful something happened to take it all away. Your mind may be surprised that you’re believing something that is so child-like, yet our heart works on a different plane than our mind. Hence the reason why we need to bring our awareness more deeply there.

Emotional pain comes in all shapes and forms. Bringing the harmony of love, and joy into the emotional body can be very difficult. These are not just pretty words, as I’ve said. They can be the keys to open doors that have been shut for years. To unlock the capacity to let in love is the work of a lifetime. So it’s worth doing.

Sit and breathe until you feel you are peaceful and calm. Shut off the phone if you need to, and give yourself some time to do this.

Notice where your mind is, where is your awareness? Can you imagine it as a ball of light, perhaps it’s outside of your body.

Stay with it for a few breaths, locking onto the focus of your awareness, and then use your will to bring it to the top of your head. A ball of light that is your awareness.

Breathe and let it sit, for a while, inside your head. As you breathe feel yourself getting softer, more open. Breathe and the ball of light drops down into your face, breathe, and it drops down once more into your cheeks, mouth, and lips. Breathe again, and drop down into your throat and neck. Say your affirmation here if you want to, and listen to the intonation of the words, how you’re saying it, do you believe it more, or less, when you’re in your throat?

Take as long as you need to take, to bring that ball of light into your chest, into your heart centre. If you are having trouble doing this, use my SoundCloud meditation Body Reconnection Exercise. https://soundcloud.com/abby-wynne/bodyreconnectionexercise and I will talk you through it.

Now you’re in your heart. The bright light of your awareness shining outwards front and back. In this space, say your affirmation – whichever one you have chosen, such as: “I completely accept myself just as I am”. How does it feel to say it here? Sit, in silence, and listen to what comes up for you. Be the gentle compassionate recorder and write it down if you want to. Ask yourself what is in the way of you embracing this affirmation, again, listen compassionately without judgement. And then, with the learning you have gained, ask if you need to take any action on it. Sometimes doing nothing is the best action you can take.

Saying the affirmation when you’re in your head feels very different to saying it when you’re in your body, particularly when you’re in your heart. Your heart knows. And now you know how to listen to your heart and appreciate what you’ve been holding onto in the background. Tell yourself well done for doing it. And notice if you can accept that with grace. Notice if you are able to take the compliment, and say 100% well done to yourself. It sounds like it’s a small thing, but small things create ripples.

There’s one more station of the body to work on before you can truly say that you resonate with an affirmation 100%. I’ll write about it in the next article! In the meantime, see if you can do this again, on your own, with another affirmation. Or use the same one and see if it feels different the second time. At some stage you absorb the affirmations and they just become a natural way of being. That’s you, taking your medicine. Well done!

(c) Abby Wynne


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About the author

Abby Wynne is the bestselling author of the “One Day at a Time Diary 2021” which is available both online and in all good Irish bookstores. She is a healer who blends Shamanism, Psychotherapy and Energy Healing in a unique way to empower and heal her readers and clients. Abby offers her healing to the world through books, healing sessions, and online programmes. Abby’s based in Ireland and lives with her husband, 4 children, and her dog Milo. Look out for her new book, Planting the Seeds, which is a combination of healing poetry, short stories and prayers. Abby offers you many ways to feel supported while you are on your path of healing and empowerment. You can find Abby on her website www.abby-wynne.com

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