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Write-on Group Seeking New Members

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Write On

Frank Fahy

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Write-on is a voluntary, not-for-profit Community-based Group based in Galway. As the name implies, we are interested in writing in all of its different forms. We welcome people who write poems, short stories, memoirs, songs, scripts for dramas, fiction or non-fiction works. We provide a safe and secure haven for creativity and we aim to encourage people of all levels in their writing endeavours.

In September of each year, to coincide with Culture Night, we publish an Anthology of the best of our writing throughout the year. These Anthologies have grown in size and popularity over the years. We are currently collecting material for the Write-on Anthology 2022.

As well as producing the annual Anthology, we also honour certain of our members who have created a body of work of a sufficiently high standard to merit its own publication. To date, we have published three of these books, BUILDING NEW BRIDGES by Frank Fahy; NEW DAWN by Anne McManus; OUT OF THE BLUE by Elizabeth Hannon. We are publishing a COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES by Anne McManus in Spring 2021, as well as THE WRITE-ON ANTHOLOGY 2022 in September 2021.

Write-on is a community voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. There is no charge to the authors for the set-up costs or for the publication costs of these books. All monies made from sales of books, membership, or other activities are ploughed back into the Group for future publications and literary events. In this way, we can continue to publish more books for other members in the future.

Invitation to Join

The Write-on Group meets by Zoom every Thursday from 7pm-9pm. People are encouraged to write, to experiment with different genres, to use new mediums and to learn new skills. All of our material is presented in a multimedia fashion. We communicate with each other during the week through our WhatsApp group and through our website: www.write-on.ie. We have a Members Only Forum where topics of interest are discussed in a safe and secure environment. Our members are encouraged to keep up to date with hardware and software. Computers, laptops and smartphones are needed to produce weekly presentations. We make our own PowerPoint presentations, videos, movie trailers and movies. We have adapted to the new realities of social distancing.

We are looking for new members to join. If you feel you want to be part of this group doing these activities, please submit two items to:


(i) A short sample piece of your writing (Poem; Short Story – fiction or non-fiction; Memoir; Song; Drama Script)
(ii) A short article outlining why you wish to join the Write-on Group.

Some Recent Activities

Launch of Write-on Anthology 2021

On Culture Night, 18 September 2020, the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, launched our new Anthology 2021 in the presence of the Mayor of Galway City and other dignitaries.
We had a fantastic Webinar ceremony with the presentation of more than 60 videos. Both Galway City Council and Galway County Council offered us funding and support.

Mary Coughlan

The recent recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the Cultural life of Galway City, Mary Coughlan sent a very thoughtful message of support and congratulations to the Write-on Group on the occasion of the publication of Anthology 2021. With a playful pun, she completed her contribution by singing the popular song Ride On, but changing the words to ‘Write-on’!

Write-on and Siarscéal

On Saturday 3 October 2020, in conjunction with the Siarscéal International Literary Festival Roscommon 2020, we presented a Webinar of over 60 presentations of Poetry, catering for every genre and tradition. The Webinar was a four-and-a-half-hour marathon session, but everyone agreed that it was hugely successful and that the Open Mic presentation was varied, extremely well presented, and very much appreciated by the participants and audience alike. Bernadette Lynch won the Hanna Greally Award and the presentation was made to her by event founder and organiser, Gwen McNamara Bond. Through the magic of technology, the winner’s scroll appeared to float magically from Gwen’s hands in Roscommon over to Bernadette’s hands in Birmingham. Such strange things are possible in these strange times! Both Gwen and Bernadette have since become full members of the Write-on Group.

Launch of OUT OF THE BLUE by Elizabeth Hannon

October 2020 saw the launch of OUT OF THE BLUE by Elizabeth Hannon. A longstanding member of the Write-on Group, Elizabeth had built up a corpus of work which was gathered into one volume. Consisting of 248 pages, her collection of Poems, Stories and Memories is a welcome addition to Write-on’s stable of publications. We expect that the beautiful cover picture, showing Mount Errigal in Elizabeth’s native County Donegal, will peep out from among the presents gathered under many a Christmas tree this year. You can view a full list of our publications on our website: www.write-on.ie under the heading PUBLICATIONS.

Mug of the Month 50-Word Challenge

Once a month, the members of the Write-on group have a bit of fun with the 50-Word Challenge. The rules are simple: write a short piece, no more than 50 words, containing two ‘trigger’ words – which are assigned at the beginning of the exercise.

Mug of the Month is a great learning tool in disguise. It prepares members to enter external competitions, which of course Write-on members are encouraged to do. There is the discipline of a deadline and the constraint of keeping one’s writing to a small word count which improves the economy of one’s writing. Members experience the process of competing; the feelings of rejection, and the accolades of winning – all in the safe environment of their very own Write-On group.

A specially engraved coffee mug was procured to act as a winning trophy. The Write-on member whose entry garners the most votes from their peers gets temporary possession of the mug and the accolade of being known as ‘The Write-on Mug of the Month!’


So, if you are interested in writing Short Stories, Poems, Songs, Articles or Memoirs why not contact the Write-on Group. Elizabeth, Mary Rose or Frank will be delighted to answer any of your queries. Don’t worry about the standard of your writing. We cater for all levels and abilities. Our members have found that writing improves with encouragement and practice. The benefits of talking to other people interested in the craft of writing is immeasurable – especially during lockdown. Many of the Write-on group have become firm friends and our weekly Zoom sessions are a welcome distraction, especially during the time of Covid-19 lockdown.

Our members pay a voluntary subscription of €10 per month (for those who can afford it!) This money helps towards the costs of publications, video productions, Webinar and Zoom Sessions, and other literary activities. We are also supported by the local Galway Business Community; by Galway City Arts Office; and Galway County Council.

Simply drop an email to writeon.galway@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you.

(c) Frank Fahy

About the author

Frank Fahy is the former Publisher with The Educational Company of Ireland. Together with a few like-minded writers, he founded WRITE-ON, a writers’ group, in 2017.

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