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Writing Advice for Beginners: Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans

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Amanda J Evans

Amanda J Evans

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In this week’s column, we’re going back to basics with some of the very best writing advice and tips for beginners. We all have to start somewhere and staring at a blank page can be very intimidating. The links I’ve chosen today are all dated within the past year, so they are up to date and relevant for beginning writers. I hope you find them useful.

  1. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/a-beginners-guide-to-writing – A Beginner’s Guide To Writing: 8 Tips for Starting a Writing Career: This first article is from MasterClass and begins by explaining the 6 different types of writing you can start with. This includes essays, blogs, poetry, short stories, novels, and audiobooks. It then discusses three things you should consider when choosing a topic to write about followed by 8 tips to becoming a better writer. These include reading, setting up a routine, using writing exercises, and joining writing groups.
  2. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-start-writing-your-novel – How to Start Writing Your Novel: 6 Tips for Beginner Novel Writers: This is another article from MasterClass that begins with a section on what you should consider before starting your novel. It then moves on to discuss 6 key tips for starting your writing which includes choosing the world your story takes place in, finding a good idea, assembling your characters, etc. The next section offers 3 tips for hooking your readers by creating a good beginning. The final section is 3 common mistakes to avoid, and this is essential reading.
  3. https://www.nicolamartin.com/2020/07/5-best-books-on-writing-for-beginners-and-beyond/ – 5 Best Books on Writing For Beginners and Beyond: This next article lists 5 of the best books (according to this author) on writing. She explains what she found useful in each book so you can decide for yourself if they will benefit your writing journey. Some of the books I have heard of (King of course), but others are new to me. Having some good writing reference books to hand is part of any writers’ arsenal. I know I have a shelf full of them.
  4. https://blog.reedsy.com/how-to-write-a-book/ – How to Write a Book in 15 Amazingly Simple Steps: Don’t let the title of this article fool you. Writing a book is hard and it takes time. This article is broken down into 15 steps and you can watch the video if you prefer. The sections include finding your idea, researching your genre, creating an outline, getting started, substance, setting word count goals, staying motivated, and lots more. Each section is explained fully and I definitely recommend setting aside some time to read this one in full.
  5. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/writing-tips-for-fiction-writers#16-fiction-writing-tips – 16 Writing Tips for Fiction Writers: This article offers 16 tips for writing fiction. It’s a short read, but it does contain some gems such as loving your story, writing simple sentences, setting milestones, learning about story structure, character development, and more. It’s a perfect little article to remind you of things as you progress in writing your novel.
  6. https://thewritelife.com/first-novel-8-strategies/ – Write Your First Novel: 8 Strategies for Creating Great Fiction: This article offers a number of tips to help you write your first novel. The first of these is having an outline and this is discussed with further links to more information. Conflict and stakes are discussed next followed by story beats. There’s a section on the revision process and setting up a good writing routine. Word counts are also discussed and how to deal with fear and doubt. This is a great article if you are looking to make a start on your very first novel.
  7. https://self-publishingschool.com/how-to-write-a-book/ – How to Write a Book Step by Step: This is from the Self-Publishing School and is a full guide to writing a book. There’s also a free book template you can download. There is a video you can watch as well. It begins with a section on how to prevent procrastination and how to adapt the mentality of a writer. There’s the preparation stage of writing a book as well as information on how to schedule writing time. There’s a full section on writing your book including coming up with your idea, title, filling out a book map, outlines, and more. There are videos throughout this guide to take you step by step from start to finish along with advice on beating writer’s block, editing, formatting, and even launching your book successfully if you plan to self-publish.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the links this week. There’s a lot in these links so be sure to set aside some time to read them and bookmark any that you want to come back to later. If there is a topic you’d like to see me cover, all you need to do is get in touch with me via any of my social media links.

(c) Amanda J Evans

www.amandajevans.com, Facebook and Twitter: @amandajevans

About the author

Amanda J Evans is an award-winning Irish author of YA and Adult romance in paranormal and fantasy genres. Growing up with heroes like Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones, her stories centre on good versus evil with a splice of love and magic thrown in too. Her books have all won awards and her latest novella, Hear Me Cry, won the Book of the Year Award at the Dublin Writers Conference 2018. Amanda has been featured in a number of poetry anthologies in 2017 and 2018 including A Bowl of Irish Stew, a charity anthology for Pieta House and her short story Moonlight Magic was included in the Owl Hollow Press Anthology, Under the Full Moon’s Light, published in October 2018. Amanda is currently polishing her novel, Winterland, which will be submitted to agents and publishers in 2019, and is also working on a Bronte inspired story for an anthology due for publication in 2020. Amanda is also the author of Surviving Suicide: A Memoir from Those Death Left Behind, published in 2012. You can find out more on her website www.amandajevans.com, Facebook and Twitter: @amandajevans

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