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Writing Challenges to Kick Start Your New Year : Really Useful Links by Amanda J Evans

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Amanda J Evans

Amanda J Evans

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2021 has arrived and if you are feeling a little unmotivated or struggling to get going with your writing again after the Christmas break, this week’s column should help. I’ve decided to focus on writing challenges to boost creativity and get you going. My favourite writing challenge and the one that always gets me going again is, The Page a Day Challenge. This is where you commit to writing 1 page every day for the duration of a month. I particularly enjoy this one as I love writing with pen and paper and committing to one page each day is a challenge that doesn’t stress me out. What’s more, I usually end up doing more than one page and at the end of the month I’m always surprised by the amount of words I’ve managed to write. I hope you find the challenges I’ve included in the link below helpful.

  1. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/writing-challenges-to-boost-your-creativity: 9 Writing Challenges to Boost Your Creativity: This article is from Masterclass and it looks at 9 different writing challenges to get your creative juices flowing. It includes things like brainstorming a new idea using the snowflake method, starting at the end and working your way back to the start, coming up with a title, writing in a different genre, trying to come up with a new story idea each day for a month, and more.
  2. https://thewritelife.com/7-writing-challenges/ – 9 Writing Challenges for Novelists, Poets, and More: There is something for every writer in this article. No matter whether you want to focus on poetry, write short stories, or get stuff done in the amount of time you have, you’ll find it here. There’s StoryADay, which I have enjoyed in the past, YeahWrite, which sounds very interesting, The 365 Writing Challenge which is dedicated to writing for 10 minutes every day, and The Writer’s Games which is a six week writing competition that offers feedback.
  3. https://thewritepractice.com/creative-writing-challenge/ – 7 Day Creative Writing Challenge: This is a 7 day creative writing challenge that you can sign up for. It’s free and it’s all about building discipline and creating a habit that you can continue with. The goal is to write 1,000 words per day and you get daily emails to keep you motivated. If this is something that appeals to you, why not give it a go and kick start your New Year writing project.
  4. https://www.christopherfielden.com/writing-challenges/ – Writing Challenges: This page has some great information as well as links to writing challenges that you can take part in. There are challenges for all levels and the rules are simple. There is the Advert Writing Challenge, Nonsense Writing Challenge, Sensory Writing Challenge, 81 Words Challenge, Cliché Challenge, Preposition Challenge, New Writing, and more.
  5. https://writingcooperative.com/the-52-week-writing-challenge-55210b483a21 – The 52 Week Writing Challenge: This is a pick anything challenge and commit to it for 52 weeks. This could be writing a new poem every week, a book chapter, a character sketch, flash fiction, short stories, anything you can think of and do it for 52 weeks. The article contains information on how to set yourself up for success and how you can participate in the challenge.
  6. https://vss365today.com/about: #VSS365 on Twitter: The hashtag #VSS stands for Very Short Story and is a daily writing challenge on Twitter that is great fun to join. The prompt is posted every day and you have to write your very short story including the prompt word in 280 characters or less. This has been running on Twitter since 2016 and is a great way to connect with the writing community and hone your flash fiction skills. Every word counts in this challenge.
  7. https://writingchallenge.org/ – Monthly Twitter Writing Challenge: This website has everything you need to know about the monthly Twitter Writing Challenge. You commit to writing 500 words each day and there is a Facebook Group that you can join to chat with other participants. The list of monthly hashtags are posted on the website too.
  8. https://shutupwrite.com/challenge-intro/ – Writing Challenges: Shut Up & Write hosts a monthly prompt-based writing challenge designed to keep you writing every day. You can sign up for a free account and access the community forums.
  9. https://www.theliteralchallenge.com/challenges – The Literal Challenge: My final link for this week is the Literal Challenge. This website offers different writing challenges throughout the year. February is playwriting, June is prose and there are challenges for non-fiction, screenwriting, and more. You sign up to receive daily writing prompts during the different challenges. If you’re looking for something fun and different in 2021, why not check it out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all these links and are now ready to kick start your new year with some writing challenges. If there is a topic you’d like to see me cover, all you need to do is get in touch with me via any of my social media links.

(c) Amanda J Evans

www.amandajevans.com, Facebook and Twitter: @amandajevans

About the author

Amanda J Evans is an award-winning Irish author of YA and Adult romance in paranormal and fantasy genres. Growing up with heroes like Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones, her stories centre on good versus evil with a splice of love and magic thrown in too. Her books have all won awards and her latest novella, Hear Me Cry, won the Book of the Year Award at the Dublin Writers Conference 2018. Amanda has been featured in a number of poetry anthologies in 2017 and 2018 including A Bowl of Irish Stew, a charity anthology for Pieta House and her short story Moonlight Magic was included in the Owl Hollow Press Anthology, Under the Full Moon’s Light, published in October 2018. Amanda is currently polishing her novel, Winterland, which will be submitted to agents and publishers in 2019, and is also working on a Bronte inspired story for an anthology due for publication in 2020. Amanda is also the author of Surviving Suicide: A Memoir from Those Death Left Behind, published in 2012. You can find out more on her website www.amandajevans.com, Facebook and Twitter: @amandajevans

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