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Writing for Children? This is a MUST Read

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Children’s Books Ireland is the national children’s book organisation of Ireland. Among CBI’s many activities is the annual conference, which this year takes place at Light House Cinema Smithfield on the 18th and 19th of May 2013. CBI is proud to have established the conference as the most significant event for adults interested in children’s books in the country.

The Rebels and Rulebreakers Conference is open to all, and every year welcomes a broad roster of parents, teachers, librarians, illustrators, authors, readers, students and other creatives for a packed two-day programme of discussion and debate. The weekend long celebration of the very best in children’s books both at home and internationally, sees a whole array of speakers invited to discuss the numerous and innovative ways in which books and reading can be part of young people’s lives.

The annual conference is of particular benefit to children’s writers as it showcases both famous names and new talents, featuring authors and illustrators from Ireland, the UK, France, Brazil and the USA. Both already published writers and those hoping to be published can benefit from meeting and mingling with the crème de la crème of the children’s books world.

Mags Walsh, Director of CBI explains, ‘The CBI annual conference, offers a great opportunity for published and aspiring writers to gather together, share knowledge and learn from the experiences of their peers. CBI is always excited to be able to offer writers this opportunity to network and make new connections in a fun, relaxed environment’.

Chris Judge, author of The Lonely Beast, The Great Explorer and The Brave Beast told writing.ie just why this conference is essential for emerging writers: ‘The CBI conference is a must for new writers and illustrators. Having had my first book published in early 2011 I knew nothing of the fantastic children’s book community that is thriving in Ireland. I was kindly asked by CBI to take part in the conference that year and nervously attended without knowing anyone. By the end of the weekend I had met numerous other authors, illustrators as well as publishers, agents, booksellers and bookshop owners and many others, all of which made me feel very welcome into the community. Most importantly the conference is also an invaluable source of inspiration to get ones creative juices flowing, with many enlightening speakers and panel discussions (and delicious cake) taking place over the course of the weekend.’

So there you go, come to the CBI conference for the speakers, stay for the cake and take away a brain’s worth of food for thought!

Children’s Books Ireland presents: Rebels and Rulebreakers Children’s Books Ireland Conference 2013

Saturday 18th–Sunday 19th May, Light House Cinema, Smithfield


Sarah Ardizzone (UK)

An exceptionally talented and dynamic advocate of translation and children’s books, translator, festival curator and journalist Sarah Ardizzone joins the CBI conference to talk about her unorthodox experiences as a translator.

Hervé Tullet (France)

Prince of Preschool’ Hervé Tullet joins the conference to talk about his pioneering use of colour and shape to engage readers or all ages. With twenty years and over sixty books under his belt, Hervé brings revolutionary new thinking to children’s books, via simplicity

John Boyne (Ireland)

Since the publication of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas in 2006, multi award winning author John Boyne has successfully balanced writing for adults and children. He joins children’s books commentator Robert Dunbar to talk about his career to date, the recent publishing phenomenon of the crossover novel and the future of the book.

Ana Maria Machado (Brazil)

Winner of the 2000 Hans Christian Andersen Award for her life’s work, Ana Maria Machado is one of the most significant children’s book authors in Brazil. Ana Maria talks about the importance of understanding rules in literature, so that they can be broken.

Alex T. Smith (UK)

The 5-8 year old market is one often overlooked, crowded out by colourful, playful picture books and gritty, issue-led teen and YA fiction. Alex T. Smith’s Claude the Dog has captured the hearts of many 5- 8 year olds as well as adult readers. Alex will talk about writing for this age group and why it matters.

Sarah Crossan (USA)

With her debut novel The Weight of Water, Sarah Crossan broke the rules of writing for teens, presenting an engaging novel via verse. Sarah will talk about her decision to use poetry as a medium and her dystopian novel Breathe.

Jon Klassen

Eschewing primary shades for a more muted palette and introducing us to a world of characters who steal and mislead rather than guide and encourage, Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat bring a breath of fresh air to the picture book shelf. Jon will talk about his career to date.

Also speaking at the CBI Conference 2012 are: Sarah McIntyre, Mary Esther Judy, Sarah Webb, Rory McConville, Alan Nolan and Colmán O’Raghallaigh

For more information and to book your ticket, check out http://www.childrensbooksireland.ie/conference-and-events/

To join Children’s Books Ireland and discover more about member benefits, click here: http://www.childrensbooksireland.ie/support-us/


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