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Writing History? Chronos Books Want to Hear From You

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History is back in fashion! With TV serialisations of periods like The Tudors and The Borgias, history is stepping out of the realms of dustiness and into the imagination of the general public. We want to capture history for a new generation of readers and have created a new imprint, Chronos Books, to provide great books for history lovers.

Chronos Books, from the John Hunt Publishing stable, is seeking authors of historical non-fiction and historical biography. We are looking for non-fiction authors that can cover real history for real people; who can bring to life historical people, places and events in an imaginative, easy-to-digest and accessible way. We want writers of historical books that will add to our understanding of people and events rather than being a dry textbook; history that passes on its stories to new readers.

Sarah-Beth Watkins, Commissioning Editor, says “We are really excited about this new imprint and are actively seeking authors to work with us to produce great history books. At the moment, we are looking for books on major historical eras and biographies of the great and famous. We are also looking for proposals for books that shed new light on old information and authors who have found new sources, using top notch research to explore historical people, places and events. We will look at any ideas you send us in and if we like what read, we will ask you to send in a full proposal so our team can assess your work for publication.”

If you have a passion for history, can bring to life historical figures or have an historical revelation to share with the world, then we’d like to hear from you. At the moment, Chronos is taking submissions through its partner imprint, O-books. Log on to www.o-books.com and submit your initial idea through the Authors Inquiries section including ‘For Chronos Books’ in the subject heading.

If we like what we hear, we will ask you to submit a proposal. Proposal are sent through our electronic system and we would ask you to include as much information as possible; word count, chapter list, the first three chapters, marketing opportunities and your books unique selling points. We are looking for books of around 45,000 words plus.

Chronos Books is a part of John Hunt Publishing which has over 1,000 authors from around the world who have published their books with one of our imprints because we efficiently work with authors to discover, publish, and successfully market your books.

JHP are more lean and quick with publishing turnaround times than you will likely find anywhere else in the industry. We do this by reducing the need for direct communications and maintaining conversations through our in-house online publishing system designed for authors. While the way we operate may at first seem impersonal, it does end up as a very personal business, with people worldwide committing to the success of the books we publish.

Chronos Books is just one imprint from JHP. We also publish fiction, religion, mind, body & spirit, paranormal, astrology, culture, society & politics plus much more. Visit our website at www.johnhuntpublishing.com for more information on who we are and what we do.

And don’t forget, if you have a great history book inside you then get your proposal into Chronos. The time is now!

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