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Contact: Bernadette Kearns
Location: Dublin, working with authors nationally and internationally
No telephone provided

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Are you an author looking to self-publish? Do you want to polish your manuscript before submitting to an agent or publisher? Book Nanny can help.

Book Nanny’s aim is to help you fulfil your vision for your book and make it the best it can be for you and your readers.

Combining professional editorial training, expertise and experience with a writer’s understanding of the writing process and an actor’s understanding of character and storytelling, Book Nanny provides a full range of editorial services for fiction and creative non-fiction authors.

STRUCTURAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: Book Nanny’s structural and developmental editing focuses on the basic building blocks of story—character, plot and theme—and the synergy between them to help you develop your storytelling and writing craft, and to create stories and narratives which engage readers from the opening paragraphs.

COPY-EDITING AND PROOFREADING: A professionally trained copy-editor and proofreader, Book Nanny aims to strengthen the flow of the story and your unique author voice through clarity, focus and precision in the narrative text.

MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE: Book Nanny’s manuscript critique service provides an in-depth report on the structural strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript and is a cost-effective way to see how your story is shaping up so far.

Member of the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers of Ireland (AFEPI Ireland).

Do you have further questions about editing or Book Nanny’s services? Contact Book Nanny or check out the Editing FAQs and Author Testimonials on Book Nanny’s website.

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