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Contact: Matt Stephens
Location: London
No telephone provided
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Service description

With Inkflash you can literally take your book marketing into a new dimension. We’ll design and create a 3D interactive book trailer for your book – basically a themed “author’s room” that visitors can step inside and explore, all from within their web browser. Please check the website for many recent examples!

Author rooms are linked together, so visitors can explore a series of rooms, or “book trails” (e.g. a Historical Romance book trail); and they can be linked up to Twitter, Facebook etc to complete your social media marketing campaign.

Your 3D room can also be displayed in an iframe on your own website (just like embedding a YouTube video).

Email Matt Stephens (matt@inkflash.com) to get started…

  • allianceindependentauthors.org
  • www.designforwriters.com

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