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Contact: John Hearne
Location: Galway/Dublin
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Best-selling ghostwriter specialising in memoir, self-help and business books. I’ve worked with a variety of individuals and publishers, helping people to take their ideas and stories and turn them into bestselling books and outstanding autobiographies.

Every project is different. Here are three recent ones:

1. As part of his legacy, a retired businessman wanted to leave a unique and lasting gift to his many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren scattered around the world. The book we created together is much more than that however. It is a gripping account of a struggle against poverty and bigotry in Belfast in the 1930s, culminating in his eventual success as a businessman and philanthropist. I travelled to his home and interviewed the author at length over several meetings, then created a first draft of the book from the transcripts of these interviews. With support from his family, we added additional material, sourced photographs and found a publisher who would pull everything together. I worked closely with that publisher throughout the production process and in the end created a beautifully produced volume that the family were, and remain, immensely proud of.

2. A well-known performance and motivation expert needed a book to complement his services and to deliver on his contractual obligations to a publisher. I helped him to create a blueprint of the book, then began a wide-ranging interview process with both the author himself and a range of his contacts and clients. The book was then written up from this source material. I managed the editing and publication processes, working closely with both publisher and author to ensure that the finished product was as good as it could possibly be. The book went on to be a No.1 best-seller and continues to sell large volumes at the author’s speaking engagements and among his client base.

3. I assisted two consultants, one based in Canada, one in Ireland to co-author a business book which pulled together their combined expertise to showcase their service offering. This project involved taking material from a variety of sources, including the learning resources the authors use to deliver seminars and workshops, together with interviews with clients located as far apart as India, South America and the US. Project managing a book of this nature called upon a variety of skills. I developed a blueprint for the work, co-ordinated the long list of contributors and liaised with the graphic artist to achieve the perfect look. I also worked closely with the publisher and authors to ensure that everything came out on time and in budget. The book went on to become a highly valued marketing tool and continues to sell very well among the authors’ targeted readership in the US.

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